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Best VPN Black Friday Deals For 2018

November 19, 2018

Black Friday is upon us and you know what that means. It is time to take advantage of the hottest deals of the year and get yourself the best VPN for your needs for only a fraction of the standard price. No need to make compromises at the expense of your online security and anonymity. Even the most powerful VPNs are now well within your budget.

As always, we have decided to save you the time and hassle and bring all the biggest Black Friday VPN discounts to one place. Obviously, we focused on the best VPNs around, making sure you get the high-level protection you deserve while saving plenty of cash at the same time.

Check out the best Black Friday deals we have picked out for you.

1. Get 75% Off NordVPN

NordVPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Save 75% on your 3-year NordVPN subscription!

Offer Starts: November 1

Offer Ends: December 1

More generous than ever, NordVPN is offering an unbelievable 75% discount, available during the Cyber Month only. You can now get 3 years of NordVPN protection for only $2.99 per month!

2. Save Over 90% On ZenMate

ZenMate Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get up to 83% off your subscription and enjoy 1 YEAR of McAfee Internet Security for FREE!

Offer Ends: Unknown

If you opt for ZenMate, you get 67% off its 1-year subscription or 83% off its 2-year subscription, plus a 1-year license of McAfee Internet Security completely free of charge!

3. Get 87% Off Ivacy

Ivacy Black Friday 2018

Offer: Enjoy an 87% discount on your 5-year Ivacy subscription!

Offer Ends: November 23

Only on November 23, you can get 87% off your 5-year Ivacy subscription and pay just $1.34 per month!

4. Save 88% On PureVPN

PureVPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get an 88% discount on your 5-year PureVPN subscription!

Offer Ends: Unknown

With PureVPN’s special Black Friday deal, you can save 88% on your 5-year PureVPN subscription and pay only $1.32 per month!

5. Enjoy 73% Off PureVPN

PureVPN Black Friday 2018
Offer: Get a year of PureVPN protection with a 73% discount!

Offer Ends: Unknown

If you do not want to commit for 5 years, you can still save quite a lot on PureVPN. This Black Friday, PureVPN’s annual plan comes with a gigantic 73% discount!

6. Get 50% Off My Private Network

My Private Network homepage

Offer: Enjoy 50% off all My Private Network plans!

Offer Ends: November 25

This Black Friday, you can get any My Private Network subscription for only half the usual price!

7. Save Up To 80% On SaferVPN

SaferVPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: All SaferVPN plans are now available with 55% to 80% discounts!

Offer Ends: November 26

SaferVPN offers a 55% discount on its 1-year subscription, a 73% discount on its 2-year subscription, and an unbelievable 80% discount on its 3-year subscription. That means that you can get SaferVPN for only $2.29 per month!

8. Get 68% Off ibVPN

ibVPN homepage

Offer: Save 68% on ibVPN’s annual plans!

Offer Starts: November 23

Offer Ends: November 26

You can get IBVPN for only $3.08 per month with its special 68% discount on annual VPN and SmartDNS plans!

9. Enjoy 6 Free Months With CyberGhost

CyberGhost Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get an extra 6 months of protection with the 1-year CyberGhost subscription!

Offer Ends: Unknown

If you get the 1-year subscription for CyberGhost now, you get to use CyberGhost for an extra 6 months completely free of charge!

10. Get 50% Off VyprVPN

VyprVPN homepage

Offer: Enjoy a 50% discount on your first month with VyprVPN!

Offer Ends: Unknown

If you haven’t tried out VyperVPN before, now is the perfect time as you get 50% off your first month of subscription with the special Black Friday discount!

11. Save 54% On CactusVPN

CactusVPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get up to 54% off all CactusVPN plans!

Offer Ends: November 26

CactusVPN subscriptions have never been more affordable, with a 30% discount on the monthly plan, a 40% discount on the 3-month plan, and an amazing 54% discount on the annual plan!

12. Enjoy 83% Off Surfshark VPN

Surfshark Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get an 83% discount on your 2-year Surfshark VPN subscription!

Offer Ends: Unknown

Surfshark VPN allows you to save big on your 2-year subscription with the exclusive Black Friday discount that lowers the subscription price to just $1.99 per month!

13. Get 62% Off GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Save 62% on all annual plans with GooseVPN!

Offer Ends: Unknown

If you get an annual subscription for GooseVPN now, you can take advantage of its special 62% discount and pay just $2 per month!

14. Save 67.5% On AirVPN

Airvpn Homepage

Offer: Grab a 67.5% discount on your annual plan!

Offer Ends: Unknown

With AirVPN’s Black Friday promo, you can get any annual plan with a generous 67.5% discount!

15. Get A 20% Discount On Speedify

Speedify homepage

Offer: Enjoy 20% off any 1-year Speedify plan!

Offer Ends: Unknown

Speedify’s annual plans are now available at special Black Friday prices that allow you to save 20% on your subscription!

16. Save 72% On IPVanish

IPVanish Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get 72% off any IPVanish plan!

Offer Ends: November 27

No matter which IPVanish subscription you opt for, you can save a whole lot of cash. This special Black Friday promotion brings you a 72% discount on all IPVanish subscription plans!

17. Get 56% Off StrongVPN

StrongVPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Save up to 56% on all StrongVPN subscriptions!

Offer Ends: November 27

StrongVPN has organized its biggest sale of the year, bringing you discounts of up to 56% on all subscription plans and allowing you to get StrongVPN protection for just $4.37 per month!

18. Enjoy 1 Free Year With Ivacy

Ivacy Black Friday 2018
Offer: Get the 2-year Ivacy plan and enjoy 1 extra year of protection for free!

Offer Ends: November 23

Now you can save 77% on your Ivacy subscription with the special Black Friday deal that allows you to get an additional year for free with the 2-year Ivacy plan! That means that you only pay $2.25 per month!