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Does HideMyAss Work In China

Does HideMyAss Work In China?

July 29, 2017

As we are waiting for China to strike its next blow at VPNs, we are discovering whether HideMyAss and its immensely wide server network can currently help Chinese users circumvent the Great Firewall.

Does HideMyAss Keep Logs

Does HideMyAss Keep Logs?

December 15, 2016

HideMyAss is a VPN provider owned by Avast Software, a well-known household name thanks to its famous antivirus. Read our latest post to find out more about HMA’s logging policy and overall security.

Is HideMyAss Safe For Torrenting

Is HideMyAss Safe For Torrenting?

November 29, 2016

You may have heard that HideMyAss is not a good choice if you want to stay safe while torrenting and we are here to let you know whether there is any truth to these claims.

HideMyAss Servers

HideMyAss Servers

November 18, 2016

HideMyAss takes pride in the incredible numerousness and excellent distribution of its servers. Read this quick post and find out more about HideMyAss server locations, as well as about its optimized servers.

Is HideMyAss Safe

Is HideMyAss Safe?

November 7, 2016

HideMyAss is a veteran on the VPN market, having been launched way back in 2005. They offer a wide network of servers covering over 210 countries around the world. Learn all about their security levels in our latest blog post.