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Hola VPN Android App

Hola VPN has brought an innovative way to use VPN service to the market. Namely, it’s the first VPN platform that incorporates peer-to-peer technology, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Despite some obvious flaws, it seems that people like the idea of a P2P VPN service since there are already over 124 million Hola users out there.

If you’re interested in Hola VPN, you’ll be happy to know that Hola VPN Android app can be installed for free. Stay with us as we explore the benefits and drawbacks of this app.

APP Design

First of all, we must point out the obvious and say that Hola VPN looks good. The design is very sleek thanks to the combination of dark gray and light blue tones. Besides the pleasant colors, the app also has its features laid out in just the right order. Hola VPN app is very neat and you can effortlessly find any option you need. The buttons aren’t huge, but they’re big enough to be easy-to-use, which improves the accessibility and ease of use of the app.

hola vpn app

Ease Of Use

Hola VPN Android app is designed to fit the needs and skills of almost anyone who wants to use a VPN. Even people who aren’t especially tech-savvy can install and operate the app with ease.

The installation process is as easy as it gets since the free Hola VPN Android app doesn’t require registration. If you opt for the paid Premium subscription plan, the process is a bit different, but still not complicated.

After the installation, you get full access to all the useful features Hola VPN Android app has to offer. You can choose a country and disguise your IP address using one of the addresses from the country of your choice.

Believe it or not, it gets even simpler from here. Hola VPN Android app has a built-in browser, so you don’t have to leave the client in order to access any website whatsoever. Additionally, Hola VPN contains a list of all the apps you’ve installed on your phone and lets you choose which one you want to run while using the VPN.


Hola VPN uses the bandwidth of other users to provide you with safe and smooth Internet browsing. It also uses your bandwidth when your device is idle to enable other users to enjoy its service.

This concept might seem a bit unreliable, but we can assure you that’s not the case. Every user of Hola VPN Android app gets unlimited bandwidth and the app works non-stop until you turn it off, unlike many other VPN apps that stop working randomly.

Hola VPN doesn’t use common servers like other VPN providers. It operates a huge network of peers and uses their devices as routers. Therefore, you can mask your IP address with an IP from one of the 190 world countries you can find listed in Hola VPN Android app.


Hola VPN Android app is completely free for anyone who agrees to allow access to their device and become a peer in the Hola network. On the other hand, Hola VPN also offers you the option to sign up for a paid subscription and just use the bandwidth of other users without sharing your own.

Hola VPN’s Premium plan comes with a monthly or annual subscription. The monthly subscription costs $5 per month and the annual subscription is $3.75 per month or $45 in total.

Both subscriptions come with a 30-day money back guarantee and can be canceled any time you want.


The greatest advantage of Hola VPN Android app is that it’s completely free. You can download it in a couple of clicks and enjoy unlimited bandwidth and great service as long as you want. It’s easy to operate and provides a multitude of IP addresses you can use to protect your online privacy.


Hola VPN Android app isn’t flawless, that’s for sure. For example, it doesn’t use any VPN protocol to boost your security. Additionally, it monitors the network and has information about everyone who accesses it.

These shortcomings can affect your privacy, but if your priority is avoiding geo-blocks, then Hola VPN Android app is just what you need for seamless surfing.

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