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Hotspot Shield Android App

November 18, 2016

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service launched in 2008 by AnchorFree. It comes in two forms, including an app and a browser extension.  

Hotspot Shield has amassed an impressive number of users over the years (around half a million) probably due to the fact that it used to be completely free before it started offering two versions, one free and one premium, which is called Hotspot Shield Elite. 

We have our share of concerns when it comes to the overall security level offered by the service, but today, we’re here to talk about its Android iteration. So, keep on reading to learn all about Hotspot Shield Android app.   

Hotspot Shield Android App

Installing Hotspot Shield Android App

Installing the app is a very simple process and shouldn’t take up a lot of your time. You can easily install it even if you’re not all that tech savvy.  

The app can be found in your Google Play Store for Android devices. If you can’t access the store or you can’t see the app, you can always contact its user support and ask for assistance.  

Installing the app encompasses the following steps: 

  • Launch Google Play on your Android device 
  • Locate the app and tap it 
  • Tap install and then accept 
  • Launch your app and tap next 
  • Confirm that you trust the app through the corresponding checkbox and tap ok   

If you encounter any problems during installation, you can also contact user support and try to find the solution together.  

Supported Devices

Note that Hotspot Shield app supports many Android devices – but not all of them.

  • It supports Android 2.x/4.x, but it doesn’t support Android 3.x
  • It supports everything but the first generation of Amazon Kindle

The devices it doesn’t support include: 

  • Sony – all devices 
  • Asus Transformer TF-201 (with Android < 4.0.3) 
  • Archos G9 (with Android < 4.0.5) 

The company also states that compatibility issues might arise with all other devices as well, which is definitely not a reassuring fact to hear.  


Hotspot Shield brings a very practical and user-friendly interface. This makes it ideal for beginners who might get overwhelmed by VPNs that offer many different features and options paired with a complicated user interface.  

Hotspot Shield Android App interface

Once you install the app, you won’t be able to miss the big “Connect” button in the middle of the screen. Once you connect, you’ll be able to see the overall time you’ve spent surfing, your server location, and your connection speed. The upper right corner holds a hamburger menu with additional options.  

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