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How To Use Hola VPN

October 28, 2016

Ever since it entered the market in 2008, Hola VPN has been garnering much attention due to its unique approach to VPN service. Not only is it the world’s first peer-to-peer VPN, but it is also free for non-commercial use. It even goes a major step further and allows you to enjoy free VPN service without any annoying ads.

Hola VPN is simple, efficient, and successful in its efforts to make the web a safe place for all users. If all of this made you want to give it a try, this post can help you learn how to use Hola VPN and make the most out of it.

Getting Started

The first step is deciding what kind of protection you need. Hola VPN works on all major operating systems and platforms. You can opt for the Hola VPN mobile app for Android, iPhone or iPad, use it on Mac, opt for the desktop application for Windows or just protect your browser with Hola browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, all of which work both on Mac and Windows PCs.

Hola VPN runs on all of devices

Regardless of whether you need mobile, desktop or browser protection, you can download the desired Hola product straight from the Hola website homepage. Just click the icon that stands for your device and the download prompt will instantly appear. Follow the simple steps of the setup process and have your Hola VPN running in no time.

Using Hola VPN

Hola VPN is generally incredibly easy to use. There are no complex, hard-to-understand settings and most of the time, you can just turn it on, choose the desired location, and start surfing, streaming, and unlocking any content you wish to access.

Use HolaVPN

Apart from masking your IP address, Hola VPN can also help you mask your GPS location. This may prove a bit tricky if you are using an Android mobile device and your Developer Options are not enabled. You can enable them by repeatedly clicking the Build Number in the About section of your device’s Settings. Once you have successfully enabled Developer Options, you can set Hola Change GPS Location as your mock location app or allow mock locations if you are using an older version of Android, with both options available in Developer Options. This will allow you to use Hola to change your GPS location whenever you wish.

If you are using Hola for streaming, you may encounter the common problem of annoying buffering that often comes with using a VPN service. However, you can overcome this problem by using the Hola Accelerator extension that helps you stream videos faster. The problem that cannot be resolved is, unfortunately, the one of not being able to stream Netflix. Namely, Netflix has declared a war against services of this kind. While some of our top-ranked VPNs are still managing to come out of the battle victorious, Hola VPN is not one of them.

Subscription Or No Subscription

In the previous section, we have covered most of the issues regarding the use of Hola VPN. However, this mini-guide would not be complete if we failed to explain how to use Hola VPN wisely. As VPN experts, we are naturally suspicious when it comes to free VPN services. In the case of Hola VPN, the main problem is related to its most prominent and unique feature – that of being a peer-to-peer VPN service.

Free users agree to allow Hola VPN to use their network and processing power when their devices are not in use, which is something many individuals readily accept. However, numerous experts have pointed to the fact that Hola VPN allows users to use one another’s IP addresses, thus bypassing geo-restrictions. This means that if someone does something illegal while using your IP, you are the one suffering the consequences. That is why we strongly recommend investing in the Premium subscription and avoiding such risks. While one of the main reasons why users choose Hola VPN is the very fact that it is free, you cannot put a price tag on your security. On the other hand, the Premium subscription costs only $5 per month.

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