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How To Use Tunnelbear

November 28, 2016

TunnelBear is one of the simplest and sleekest VPNs you can find. Plus, it covers all the significant platforms and has many advanced features. This mini guide on how to use TunnelBear presumes you’ve never even installed it in the first place, so we’ll cover all the moves, from hitting the download button to hiding your IP address.

We’ll talk about the processes required for 3 platforms:

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Android phone

It’s really easy to use and it’ll take you just a couple of minutes to set everything up. Once it’s installed, configuring TunnelBear for optimal personal experience is as comprehensive as it gets.

TunnelBear On Your PC

Just click the “sign in” button in the upper right corner of their homepage and you’ll be asked for your e-mail address and password. This action will automatically redirect you to the download page.

Once there, you’ll be able to choose your platform, PC in this case. After a few seconds of downloading, you can fire up the setup wizard and install TunnelBear. You’ll be offered instructions on the services it can provide and asked to check your e-mail inbox for a confirmation link. With your account verified, all that’s left is opening TunnelBear and logging in.

On Your PC TunnelBear

Their Windows client is pretty well polished and filled with animations and bears you can see on the site. Right off the bat, the client will connect you at random to one of their 20 servers across the world. You can, of course, modify “the tunnel” by clicking on the one you like/need the most.

The upper left corner holds the dropdown menu, leading to settings with the following tabs:

  • General – Here, you can choose to start TunnelBear immediately after you start the computer and whether you’d like to receive notifications.
  • Security – Holds their GhostBear and VigilantBear switches. The former makes your encrypted data look more “natural,” the latter will block all traffic while the program is connecting or reconnecting.
  • Trusted Networks – As the name implies, you can define your trusted networks here. You also have the option of activating TunnelBear automatically when connected to unknown networks.
  • Account – This is your account management tab. Here, you can request assistance from their support staff or simply log out.

TunnelBear On iPhone & Android

On iPhone TunnelBearNow we’ll choose iPhone in the platform prompt. You’ll be sent to iTunes and can redirect installation to your desktop app. If you want to do it all over the phone, just hit the App Store.

Once you start, click “yes,” “agree,” and “install now” whenever you’re asked something. TunnelBear will warn you about changing some settings, but that’s easily reversible, so don’t be frightened by it.

Once you open the app, you’ll be “greeted” by a sleeping bear. If you choose their Little Bear (free 500MB per month) plan, you’ll see a full/empty gauge in the upper right corner. This is basically all the app does (that we see), the real controls are in the settings.

Go there and you’ll see a VPN section. Just connect and choose one of the servers. Voila! You’re in a totally different county now.

Android boils down to the same thing, except you’ll be using the Google Store. It supports Ice Cream Sandwich devices (non-rooted) and higher.

Want to find out even more about TunnelBear? Make sure to check out our TunnelBear Review for detailed information about this VPN provider.