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How To Use Windscribe?

Windscribe is a very simple and user-friendly VPN provider from Canada. Its unfavorable location aside, the service has a ton of useful features to offer, as well as a free version you can use until you make sure Windscribe is the right VPN for you.  

Windscribe implements rock-solid encryption, supports all major platforms, allows torrenting on selected servers and unlimited simultaneous connections, operates 50 server locations, and provides competent user support. In our book, this is what makes an excellent VPN service.  

Today, we’re addressing the most common problems of absolute beginners without prior technical knowledge. Namely, many of our readers had issues with the initial VPN setup, so we prepared a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Windscribe. If you too are just starting out with VPNs and find yourself overwhelmed with all the different options and settings, you’re in the right place. Keep on reading to learn how to use Windscribe for the ultimate online protection. 

How To Use Windscribe vpn

Setup Guides

After you sign up for the free or paid plan, simply hit the bright green download button in the top right corner of the website and choose your platform. Windscribe supports: 

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux 
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera 
  • IOS and Android (Pro subscription only) 

You can also download tutorials for router configuration and for setting up OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5.  

In this short tutorial, we’ll cover the setup process for Windows only since most of our readers use this OS.

Windscribe For Windows

How To Use Windscribe vpn windowsThe Windows setup includes the following steps: 

  • First off, you’ll need your IKEv2 profile and credentials. To get these, you need the Pro version of Windscribe. You can access IKEv2 profile generator on the Windscribe website. 
  • Click on Settings in your Start Menu. 
  • Click on Network & Internet.
  • Click on VPN.
  • Add a VPN connection. Note that you should create a new VPN connection profile instead of simply editing one of the existing ones.
  • Select Windows (built-in) as your VPN provider, name your connection as you wish, select Automatic VPN type, and choose your username and password. Input the address of the server and the credentials provided by the IKEv2 generator page. Note that these credentials won’t be the same as your chosen Windscribe login. 
  • Click on your newly created profile and hit the Connect button. 

We hope our short guide helped you set up Windscribe for Windows without any further problems. Stay tuned for more useful tutorials in the future. 

Want to find out even more about Windscribe? Make sure to check out our Windscribe Review for detailed information about this VPN provider.