Is CyberGhost Good For Torrenting?

October 2, 2016

CyberGhost is a VPN company located in Romania, which is excellent news for all Internet users looking to improve their online security levels. Although Romania is a member of the EU, they’ve managed to keep their legal surroundings extremely VPN-friendly. The country refused to implement EU directives concerning mandatory data retention back in 2008 and then again in 2014. After this, their Constitutional Court also deemed the local data retention law unconstitutional, depowering it in its entirety. In other words, Romania is a country you definitely want handling your online safety. 

All this means nothing, though, if the service is not up to standard. That’s why we thoroughly tested CyberGhost, searching for any potential chink in their armor. Keep on scrolling down to check out the results. 

P2P File Sharing

Is CyberGhost Good For Torrenting

P2P is allowed by CyberGhost, which means you can freely download torrents without any problems. This is the initial criterion to satisfy since you wouldn’t be able to run BitTorent clients at all without peer to peer traffic. BitTorrent clients are uTorrents and Vuzes, which allow you to connect to other peers and download your desired data.  

CyberGhost currently has 1,100 + servers across 51 countries. 


CyberGhost is lauded as a very secure VPN provider. They offer military grade encryption, which is a bombastic way of saying they utilize AES-256 cipher, the industry standard at this point. You are also offered automatic data compression and HTTPS connection settings.  

The company implements RSA-2048 handshake and SHA-256 authentication, which recently replaced MD5 as a superior option. On top of that, they also implement a DHE-2048 perfect forward secrecy, generating a secret random key for every one of your sessions. This, in turn, makes you connection even harder to compromise.  It’s also very important to note that Romania is outside of the circle of countries involved with 5, 9, and 14 eyes.  

At some point, CyberGhost used to install a root certificate on your system in order to block unwanted content like advertisements and such. This could’ve been benign, but we don’t like seeing these kinds of practices. Luckily, this is all in the past since the company doesn’t install the said root certificate anymore.  

Torrenting On All Servers

In order to be the optimal “torrenting machine,” your VPN service should allow P2P on all of their servers. This is where CyberGhost starts lacking, however. They do feature some dedicated servers which are equipped to handle massive loads of P2P traffic, but that’s far from ideal. Moreover, US servers do not support P2P at this moment.  

Torrenting On All Servers

So, if you subscribe to CyberGhost and can’t connect to their P2P servers, you won’t be able to download torrents, as simple as that. 


CyberGhost is a bit of a hybrid when it comes to torrenting. If your geographical location is favorable and you can connect to one of their P2P servers, you’re good to go. The speed is good, the connection won’t break, and the security is top-notch. We do hope CyberGhost covers all their servers with P2P functionality, though, since their service is pretty impressive in all other aspects.