Is ExpressVPN Good For Torrenting?

December 2, 2016

Ever since its inception in 2009, ExpressVPN has been a VPN service truly worthy of its name. It offers blazing speeds while keeping its users completely anonymous from governments, intelligence agencies, hackers, and ISPs.  

Since many users consider it to be an excellent torrenting tool as well, we’ve decided to explore the matter further and put ExpressVPN to the test. Let’s see the results of our tests, i.e., how ExpressVPN performed.  

P2P File Sharing

Is ExpressVPN Good For Torrenting

In order to distribute electronic files and data over the Internet (aka use torrents and BitTorrent clients like uTorrent, for example), your VPN has to support peer to peer file sharing. ExpressVPN does, so we can cross that initial criterion off our list.   

P2P might sound complicated at first but just look at it as a joint venture between many individuals (peers), aimed at sharing their processing power, network bandwidth or disk storage in order to facilitate the transfer of (large) files. In other words, those are peers form a network of nodes, allowing each other to download/seed files without much hassle. 


When we’re discussing torrenting potential, your VPN of choice must have an ironclad zero-logs policy. This means you want to make sure they don’t keep metadata logs showing your assigned IP address, VPN servers you’re connected to, transferred data, and so on. ExpressVPN provides ultimate torrenting security for its users, which makes it an ideal torrenting solution. 

ExpressVPN also prevents DNS leaks by rerouting DNS requests to their private DNS servers instead of letting them go through your ISP. Also, we can see that ExpressVPN listens to its users, which is obvious from the kill switch example. Namely, a kill switch is very important for torrenting and ExpressVPN implemented one in 2016 after considerable pressure from its users. 

expressvpn secure

Torrenting On All Servers

Most VPN services, if they allow torrenting, will restrict it to specific server locations. You want to be able to download torrents from all the servers your VPN currently provides and ExpressVPN is one of the few that offer this possibility. 

ExpressVPN currently features over 1000 servers spread across 145 cities in 94 countries. This allows you to find a server near you for optimal speed, ping, and download time. The service also incorporates a built-in speed test tool, which enables you to test the speed of every server available at all times. 


ExpressVPN is indeed an excellent torrenting option. We’ve conducted our speed and privacy tests, exploring all the necessary features, and have nothing else to do but give our full recommendation to all the torrent freaks out there. There’s a reason ExpressVPN is currently number one on our list of the best VPN services of 2017.