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How To Use NordVPN Proxy

October 19, 2016

A proxy server is just a computer acting as a gateway between your local network (all the computers in your home, building, company…) and the network on a larger scale, such as the Internet, in most cases. Proxy servers increase both the performance and security of the regulated network, but can also monitor how your employees utilize external recourses. Essentially, proxies block direct access between you and the Internet, making it much harder for hackers to obtain details and internal addresses of your private network.

NordVPN offers a completely free proxy and we’ll take a quick tour through its essential features.

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How To Use NordVPN Proxy

NordVPN proxy has a very comprehensive and simple user interface, offering the following options:

  • Encrypt URL – A URL is the series of letters and numbers you copy when you want to send your friend a link, for instance. NordVPN proxy encrypts (scrambles) the URL, making it harder for hackers to read it and track you down.
  • Encrypt page – A page is everything you see when you enter a website. Words, images, links, all of these are parts of the page. When you want to open the website, it sends you its pages. NordVPN encrypts them, making them unreadable from the outside, just like when you put a letter in an envelope. This way, the page can avoid filters and get to you unchanged.
  • Allow cookies – Cookies are small files stored on your computer designed to hold modest amounts of information about the sites you visit. Although many people first think of a serious threat when they see the phrase “we use cookies,” these small files aren’t harmful. They are mostly there to identify your online preferences and tailor the offered pages according to your previous interests. NordVPN allows cookies, which means it stores the information about the websites you open. This helps the proxy connect faster and save you some Internet traffic.
  • Remove scripts  Every time you want your computer to do something, you send a command. These commands are called scripts. They’re written in a computer language so that the computer can understand them. Each time you click the mouse to open a website, the computer gets some scripts and follows them. Scripts can slow down your Internet connection if there’s too many of them, so NordVPN removes them regularly.
  • Remove objects  Java is a computer programming language used on basically every computer in the world. In order to make its applications work, programmers have to create some objects. Websites also use these objects, but when there’s too many of them, your Internet gets slower. Therefore, NordVPN proxy removes every unnecessary object and enables your Internet traffic to run smoothly.

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