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Best VPN Service Providers For Mac

UPDATED Jan. 2018
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Mac computers and other Apple devices are becoming more and more popular year after year, mostly because of the great stability and reliability of their operating systems and because they are generally perceived (rightly or not) as better than other platforms and operating systems.

Mac users tend to be more relaxed when it comes to security than other users because their systems are believed to be more resistant to malware and other dangers. However, that doesn’t mean they are protected from spying, government control, ISP intrusion, and so on. In addition, they are not immune to the restrictions placed by various bodies and organizations, restrictions that are usually based on the location of the user and that prevent them from accessing certain websites and services. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The VPN providers and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every VPN provider or VPN offer available. Close

A VPN has two main purposes – to unblock websites by spoofing your IP address and to protect your security and privacy via encryption. Mac users, just like anyone else, need both, whether we are talking about Mac computers, MacBooks, or the iPhone.

As awareness about severely endangered online privacy grows, so does the need for online protection. Mac users are starting to use VPNs more and more each year and VPN providers are making sure to meet this new, growing demand.

Those who don’t know much about computers probably wonder why a Mac user would need some special kind of VPN. The thing is the software you need to install in order to use a VPN is not the same for all devices and operating systems. Windows and Mac are two very different platforms and the client has to be different too. However, this doesn’t mean that the Mac client is necessarily more difficult to use. In fact, all the best VPN providers either have excellent custom software for Mac and iPhone (different clients, naturally) or software that is compatible with all operating systems and can easily be set up for Mac.

We created this list of what we feel are the best VPN service providers for Mac users, based on several criteria, such as the quality of the client, ease of use, speed and performance, additional features, quality of customer support and, of course, the price. If you are a Mac user looking for a way to unblock websites and improve your online security and privacy, check out these top 5 VPN service providers for Mac.

Editors Choice

ExpressVPN Review


There are many things that set a VPN provider apart from others. The ability to accommodate all users, no matter what operating system and device they use is one of them. Many people use Mac but unfortunately, not many providers can say they have a VPN client that works on this operating system just as well as it does on Windows. ExpressVPN can, which is just one of the things that make it a great VPN provider.

Other things that this provider prides itself on are excellent speeds and great connection reliability, good customer support and packages filled with interesting features. All subscribers get unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switching and can choose between some 136 locations all over the world, even in places where other VPN providers don’t have a single server.

Subscribers can also use Media Streamer SmartDNS if they just want to unblock websites and bypass regional restrictions. You can connect from one to three devices at the same time and you can even pay using Bitcoin, which is good news for privacy-minded users. ExpressVPN uses all the latest, most reliable security protocols and encryption and they do not keep any user logs at all.

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NordVPN Review

nord vpn homepage

Mac users who want to use a VPN for unblocking sites and increasing their privacy will be pleased to hear that Nord VPN is supported on Mac computers. The application is easy to use and pretty straightforward, meaning that even inexperienced users won’t have a problem making the most of this the Mac client. Additionally, NordVPN has excellent tutorials in case you encounter any kind of obstacle.

Another reason why Mac users should consider this provider is that they really do have a lot to offer. When it comes to security, in addition to all the standard protocols, they also offer double data encryption (DoubleVPN), access to Tor, proxy extensions for browser, and many more.

NordVPN has excellent customer support. Their live chat support is one of the best in the business, with friendly and knowledgeable staff always ready to help. Moreover, they have a terrific FAQ section, vibrant community, message board, social media pages, and efficient ticket system. On top of that, the website is available in more than a dozen different languages. Even though it is not the cheapest provider out there, NordVPN really does provide a lot in their packages.

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PureVPN Review


VPN providers often focus all their attention on the Windows client and neglect other platforms and operating systems. However, PureVPN, as one of the best VPN providers in the world, has custom software for Mac that is just as good as the Windows client, if not better. This means great simplicity, beautiful design, a full set of security protocols, and excellent speeds.

Mac users who sign up for PureVPN can connect to any of the company’s 500+ servers, located in 121 countries of the world. Thanks to unlimited server switching, they can change servers as much as they want. You can connect several devices with the same subscription, up to five, to be precise.

PureVPN owns and manages all their servers, which is always a plus for a VPN provider. Security measures are excellent, whether we are talking about protocols and encryption or some extra features such as NAT firewall, Internet kill switch, DDoS protection, and the dedicated IP add-on.

All users can count on excellent customer support, available around the clock, all year round. PureVPN has one major flaw, though, and it’s the fact they do not have a zero logs policy and, in fact, do keep some record of your connections and data usage.

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IPVanish Review

ipvanish homepage

Mac users are sometimes neglected by VPN providers, but that is definitely not the case with IPVanish, whose service is not only compatible with all versions of Mac’s operating system but they also have custom software made specifically for Mac. The software is excellent, very easy to use, even for absolute beginners.

In addition to being highly Mac-friendly, IPVanish is an overall excellent VPN provider. They have over 500 servers in 60 or more countries of the world and all of their servers are excellent and very fast. If you sign up for this provider’s services, you will get a full security suite, from PPTP to OpenVPN, and your privacy will also be protected because the company does not keep any logs. This is important since they are based in the USA and if they did keep logs, they would be legally obliged to hand them over to the authorities, if asked.

IPVanish has solid customer support, especially the FAQ section of their website and some truly remarkable setup guides. Customers can make use of the support ticket and we hope live chat is on the way as well.

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VyprVPN Review

vypr vpn homepage

VyprVPN is a company with a long track record and an impressive number of users. As part of the famous Golden Frog company, this VPN provider knows how to please its users, regardless of the device or operating system. Mac users who decide to sign up for VyprVPN will enjoy an excellent client, which is basically a mirror of their original Windows one, just as functional and easy to use.

VyprVPN has what can safely be described as one of the best server networks in the world. They have servers in over 50 countries and their number keeps growing. All users get unlimited server switching, so you can always find a server that suits your needs the best. As for security, there is the company’s own protocol called Chameleon and there is, of course, OpenVPN and other standard protocols.

VyprVPN would be ideal if there wasn’t for one problem – they actually do keep some logs, those concerning your IP, your assigned IP, your connection times, and duration, as well as data transfer. Even though they claim to delete this data after a month, this is definitely going to throw some potential users off.

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As you can see, Mac users have plenty of excellent VPN services to choose from. What are some things that an average Mac user should keep in mind when it comes to VPNs? Well, a good client is one of them.

Client software is the software you download from your VPN provider once you complete the subscription process and make the payment. Good VPN software is supposed to be easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to customize. It should come with all the essential features and options that you can set up according to your needs. If your VPN service provider offers unlimited server switching, the client should make it easy for you to go back and forth between different servers. Furthermore, simple functions like turning the VPN on and off and switching on different features should be easy to use too. Many VPN providers offer the option of choosing the protocol you want to use and some even have automatic protocol selection. All these things should be intuitive and easy to do, even for beginners.

Additionally, the client for Mac shouldn’t just be a simple copy of a more popular client, usually the Windows one. The best clients for Mac are custom-made for that precise operating system. However, not many VPN providers offer custom Mac software, so you will perhaps have to settle for a default one and set it up manually for your device.

This brings us to customer support. If you need to set anything up manually or to configure different functions and features, you have to be able to count on excellent customer support. The vest VPN providers for Mac provide detailed setup instructions that are easy to follow, a large knowledgebase with plenty of different issues covered, as well as live support, preferably through chat, which is available around the clock.

Also, just because you’re using Mac, it doesn’t mean you should lower your security standards. It is best to go for a VPN provider with a good choice of security protocols and strong encryption, even if you are not sure how they work and what they’re used for – your VPN will take care of that. If you want to be really safe and anonymous, opt for a VPN service provider that does not keep any user logs.

Another thing that Mac users should keep in mind is the number of servers. VPN providers generally do not maintain dedicated Mac servers, so you will have to use the ones everyone else connects to. In order to avoid slow speeds and cluttered servers, opt for a VPN provider that has plenty of servers located in various locations all over the world. Good geographic coverage is crucial for a good VPN provider. Fortunately, all the VPN providers on this list have a decent number of servers and they are located in strategic places, so you shouldn’t experience any issues in that regard.

Finally, always go for a trusted VPN provider, even if it is a slightly more expensive one. The VPN providers we included on our list may not be the cheapest, but most of them are perfectly affordable. Avoid free VPNs and cheap, shady providers and always choose a company with a good track record if you want to enjoy maximum reliability, speed, and security.

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