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Fastest VPN Service Providers Of 2018

UPDATED Feb. 2018
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Speed is probably the number one quality people are looking for when it comes to any kind of online activity. The days of dial-up and early DSL connections are long behind us. Many younger users don’t even remember what it’s like to actually wait for a page to open up completely – and they have no idea how frustrating it can be.

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) these days offer what can be described as decent speeds. Some ISPs, depending on the location and the level of technical development of the infrastructure there, offer truly amazing speeds. They are constantly trying to outshine each other in this particular department, which makes sense because good speeds attract customers. is an independent professional comparison site supported by referral fees from the sites which are ranked on the site. The VPN providers and Special Offers that we present are from companies from which receives compensation. This compensation impacts the ranking of the sites. Other factors, including our own opinions, your location and likelihood of signing up for the site, may also impact how the ranking of the sites appears to a particular user. cannot and does not present information about every VPN provider or VPN offer available. Close

People certainly don’t use VPNs for the speed. They use them to bypass geographic and other restrictions and to protect their online safety and privacy. The one downside of using a VPN is that, due to its very nature, it slows down your connection. There is a lag or latency compared to your assigned ISP speeds and there is pretty much nothing you or anyone else can do about it. Still, while some VPN providers come with speeds that are so slow you want to throw your computer out the window, there are many others, especially the top market players, that offer speeds that are almost as good as those with no VPN.

The speed of your VPN connection can depend on a number of factors, some on your end (or your ISP’s end) and some on the VPN provider’s end. When it comes to VPN service providers, they have to meet certain criteria, mostly technical ones, in order to be recognized by both the industry and the users as one of the fastest ones. On your end, the speed can depend on your device, your router, your ISP package, the number of people using the same bandwidth, the general quality of service in your area, and many other factors. Those things are pretty much out of your hands as the extent to which you can choose any of them is quite limited. On the other hand, you can definitely choose which VPN provider you want to sing up with. That’s precisely why we came up with this list of what we believe are currently the fastest VPN service providers in the world.

Editors Choice

ExpressVPN Review


Even though no one can reasonably expect to enjoy the same speeds with a VPN as those through their ISP, some providers manage to get really close. ExpressVPN is definitely one of them. In addition to being one of the world’s fastest VPNs right now, this provider also has a lot of other qualities to show for. For instance, they offer unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switching and they have a terrific, wide, and well-maintained network of servers in well over 130 locations around the world.

ExpressVPN has custom software for all major operating systems and you can connect up to three different devices using the same account. Some providers offer more, but this is still nice. The software is very intuitive and simple, even for absolute beginners. If you stumble upon some difficulties, you can make use of the company’s excellent customer support, which includes FAQ, knowledgebase, tutorials, as well as live chat and e-mail support.

There is one downside to ExpressVPN though – they are pretty pricey, especially compared to some other providers that are also feature-rich and reliable. There is no free trial, but you can use the 30-day money back period to see whether they are a good option for you.

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NordVPN Review

nord vpn homepage

Every VPN user wants to enjoy fast connection speeds and every VPN provider knows that. NordVPN is no exception. There are some providers that might have better speeds, but NordVPN provides unmatched reliability. There are no significant fluctuations in the quality of their connections and even if there is some speed loss compared to the original ISP speed, it’s really not that noticeable, whether we are talking about streaming, downloading or browsing.

In addition to being very fast, NordVPN offers a great selection of servers, not just in terms of geographic coverage and location. This provider has a number of server categories, i.e., specialized servers like Netflix servers, Double VPN servers, Ultra-Fast TV servers, Anti-DDoS servers, and more. This is what really sets NordVPN apart from other providers and speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to quality.

NordVPN is also very serious about privacy and security. They are based in Panama, where they don’t have any data retention laws, and they have a strict zero logs policy. As for security, they use all the latest protocols and have some additional measures, such as DoubleVPN, Internet kill switch, and others.

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PureVPN Review


Good speed is one of the most desired qualities in a VPN provider and PureVPN, as one of the best VPN services in the world right now, is definitely aware of this. As you probably know, using a VPN does slow down your connection and you get speeds that are certainly slower than those you normally get from your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

However, in the case of PureVPN, the difference is so slight that it’s barely noticeable. Whether you are streaming, downloading files or simply cruising the Web, you get to enjoy excellent speeds and great connectivity, with no leaks or drop-offs. Another great thing about PureVPN is that they have tons of servers all over the world, so you can always choose one that is less crowded and works faster. Server switching is unlimited and so is data transfer. There is no throttling of the speeds.

Furthermore, you can make use of split tunneling, which means you can send some of your traffic through a VPN and the rest through your regular ISP connection. This fast VPN provider offers some attractive features to all their users, from kill switch, NAT Firewall, and anti-DDoS, to multiple device connections and 99.99% uptime.

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IPVanish Review

ipvanish homepage

IPVanish is a company that is very serious about the quality of its services in all areas and speed is just one of them. For many users, speed is the most important factor that makes or breaks a provider because no one wants to have a slow connection, obviously. With IPVanish, you don’t have to worry about that.

There has to be some slowing down, of course, but from what we saw and from what we heard from other users, it’s generally unnoticeable. Whether we are talking about streaming, gaming or downloading files, the speeds are fast, stable, and constant. Furthermore, there are little to no connectivity issues and the same goes for DNS and IP leaks.

Another great thing about IPVanish is their dedication to security. They offer all the standard protocols, including those that are not necessarily the most secure but are definitely the fastest. So, if speed is what you’re interested in, you can easily change the settings and use the fastest protocol. If you sign up for IPVanish, you will be able to connect to any of their 500 servers, use their VoIP feature, and enjoy unlimited speeds, data transfer, and server switching.

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VyprVPN Review

vypr vpn homepage

Like most VPN services, VyprVPN boldly claims to be “the world’s fastest VPN.” However, while many VPN providers claim to be the fastest, VyprVPN is the only one that may actually be telling the truth. As you probably know, VPN speeds are always somewhat slower than regular speeds assigned by your ISP. All that encryption has to take some toll, but in the case of VyprVPN, the difference, if there is any, is barely noticeable.

In addition to boasting excellent speeds, VyprVPN has so much more to offer to its users. The security level is excellent, with the company’s own protocol, on top of the standard ones, of course, and some additional security features. Customer support is one of the best we’ve seen, very knowledgeable, friendly, and fast, and the prices are reasonable and affordable.

VyprVPN has a terrific client, very intuitive, and easy to set up. You can use VyprVPN on just about any device you want and you can connect multiple devices – from two to five, depending on your pricing package. VyprVPN also has one of the largest server networks in the world, with over 700 servers in strategic locations across the globe.

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When it comes to speed, one thing and one thing alone is certain – with a VPN, you simply cannot expect the same speeds as the ones you’re normally used to. There is always some lag. If a VPN provider says there’s not – they’re lying and you should not be doing any business with them. It’s understandable that those users who are only interested in using a VPN to unlock, unblock, and access restricted websites and services are mainly interested in speed. You definitely need a fast Internet connection if you are going to stream movies, TV shows, sports, radio stations, and so on. Still, security is also important, especially nowadays when spying and manipulation are so widespread. Security is the main purpose of using a VPN, or at least it should be, but it comes with a price – that price is your connection speed.

The lag that comes with a VPN is caused by the technical nature of this service. VPN software works very hard to encrypt your data, which takes a toll on your speed. Also, VPN users are usually connecting to a distant server, which can make things a bit slower. Finally, some ISPs actually throttle or intentionally slow down any form of encrypted communication, including VPNs. Not all of them do it, but it’s definitely a growing trend.

So, what can a VPN provider do to make things faster and more enjoyable for the users? One thing is to offer a good, wide network of worldwide servers. To put it simply, the more servers there are, the lighter the load is on each of them, meaning faster speeds. You should always check the number of servers when researching VPN providers and always go with those that have a solid number of servers located all over the world. Furthermore, the best VPN providers offer real-time server load statistics, either on the website or embedded into the software client.

Moreover, you should always try to connect to a server that is the closest to your current location. The VPN providers on our list all have servers located strategically across the globe, so no region is neglected. Of course, the biggest countries usually have the most servers, but it doesn’t even have to be your own country – a neighbor will do just fine.  Just remember to check geographic coverage before signing up for a VPN.

Another useful feature you should look for is a free trial or at least a nice, lengthy money back guarantee period that comes with no risks. Why is this important? Well, it’s only natural that you want to try out a VPN provider before actually signing up for a subscription. You want to check different features and overall performance, as well as the speeds. The best way to do it is to run a speed test. There are many speed tests available online and most of them test your ping or latency along with your upload and download bandwidth. Run the test with your ISP connection and then run it again with your VPN turned on and compare the results. Higher discrepancies, logically, mean slower VPN services.

We made sure that all the VPN providers on our list meet some basic standards when it comes to speed. Some of them even offer some truly excellent results in that department. On top of that, they also come with good security and privacy features because what’s the use of great speed if your VPN doesn’t do what it’s supposed to – protect you, your computer, and your privacy.

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