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Speedify Android App

Speedify is a combination of a VPN service and an Internet speed-boosting tool. It was initially designed to “bond” all your available Internet connections into one and only later started advertising as a VPN provider, once the encryption protocol was in place (December 2016). 

The platform was launched by Connectify Inc. to make the use of Internet more reliable and faster. Speedify offers a lot of possibilities and supports all the popular platforms we use today, including Android.  

So, if you’re using Android devices and want a perfect mix of speed-boosting and online security, we suggest you keep on reading this post to learn all there is about Speedify Android app.  

Speedify Android App

Installing Speedify Android App

If you’ve downloaded and installed any apps from Google Play Store, installing Speedify on your device should only take a few minutes. If you start experiencing some technical issues during the installation process, you can always contact Speedify’s user support and ask the staff for assistance. Speedify only offers support through its online ticket system, but the team is pretty knowledgeable and competent, which is something you don’t see every day.  

Here’s how to install Speedify on your Android device:

  • Open Google Play on your device 
  • Find and tap Speedify app 
  • Tap install and accept 
  • Launch the app and tap next 
  • Mark the checkbox indicating that you trust the app and tap ok 

Speedify is a pretty powerful multi-purpose tool, but its installation is rather simple and the UI is designed to be user-friendly even for individuals without any prior technical skills.  


Speedify AndroidSpeedify app offers the following benefits to its users: 

  • Privacy & security – Speedify keeps no activity or connection logs, so you don’t have to worry about your private information being recorded and shared with the authorities. The app comes with rock-solid encryption as well.
  • Connection bonding – You can combine different Internet connections into one with Speedify’s “channel bonding” technology. 
  • Unintrusive operation – Speedify will work in the background with all your other apps, providing an optimal level of security for everything you do online.
  • Seamless failover – Speedify will act as a bridge if one of your connections fails. You can forget about your videos pausing and audio stopping because you stepped out of your Wi-Fi’s range. 
  • Global network of servers – Speedify currently operates more than 26 server locations all over the globe.
  • Widget – You can always check your connection status right from the Speedify widget.
  • Free plan – You’ll get 1GB for free every month without even registering. You can always go premium for unlimited access.

Want to find out even more about Speedify? Make sure to check out our Speedify Review for detailed information about this VPN provider.