TouchVPN Android App

TouchVPN is presumably a Russian VPN company recently acquired by AnchorFree, the company that brought us Hotspot Shield. Its most prominent features include completely free service and unlimited speeds and bandwidth. On the other hand, TouchVPN severely lacks in security and user privacy.  

TouchVPN app is primarily designed for mobile devices, but it can also be used on desktop computers, wireless routers, gaming consoles, etc. Today, we’ll go over the most important features of its Android app.  

TouchVPN Android

Installation And Supported Devices

To install the app, simply download it from Google Play and press install. The installation itself is rather swift and the download package has around 4MB of data. Apart from this, there are no special instructions or necessary manual configurations. TouchVPN currently supports mobile device with Android 4.1 and up. 


TouchVPN App

TouchVPN app features a very simple interface, which will come handy for users without previous technical knowledge. You don’t have to perform any manual setups, configure files or perform any other demanding operation. You can simply install the app and start using it right away.  

The UI features a single “Connect” button in the middle and the available servers near the top. You can let the app choose the optimal server for your location or you can set it up manually. You can change the server at any given moment. After you connect, the middle circle will turn into a connection timer and you’ll also be able to see the incoming and outgoing connection speeds below. The top left corner features a hamburger menu with additional options to choose from. 

Note that TouchVPN features a lot of ads, which some users found excessively annoying after a while. Being a free service, the company is making its money by showing ads to its users.

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