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What Is Tunnelbear?

February 28, 2016

TunnelBear is a virtual private network co-founded in 2011 by Daniel Kaldor and Ryan Dochuk.

Like any other VPN, TunnelBear lets you cloak your IP address and “tunnel” your way through to any “forbidden” Internet content. This way, you can access services not available in your country. Non-Americans mostly use VPNs for Netflix, since their service in the US is infinitely better than anywhere else.

What Is Tunnelbear

Server Coverage

Speaking of messing with geography, TunnelBear allows you to connect to 20+ different servers spread across the world. They’re all integral parts of the provider’s VPN and the country count is expanding as we speak. We have our “heavy hitters” like the US, Canada, and the UK, as well as some unique choices like Japan, Brazil or Singapore.

You can use this VPN on your tablet, desktop, laptop, mobile, router… This is possible through the amazing feat of providing up to 5 simultaneous connections. This was a very rare sight on the market of VPNs until TunnelBear hit the stage.

Encryption & Features

There are two protocols, spread across different platforms. IOS devices work best with IPSec/IKEv2 protocol while Windows, Android, and Mac OS utilize OpenVPN.

TunnelBear sports a very strong encryption. Windows, Android, and Mac OS all use the 256-bit AES and SHA 256 data authentication. IOS 8 and back are encrypted via 128-bit AES with SHA-1 authentication.

There is a strict no-logs policy with TunnelBear, but it is located in Canada, which is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance. That’s something that can be said for all VPNs coming from the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, though.

TunnelBear might be a simple VPN, but it’s abundant in useful features:

  • Vigilant mode – A kill switch that blocks all the traffic if TunnelBear gets disconnected for some reason.
  • Always on – You just need to set this feature when you’re installing TunnelBear. It’ll start with your computer and do its magic until your session is over.
  • Closest tunnel – You can choose your preferred server, or you can select the autopick option. It’ll always opt for a server with the lowest ping.
  • GhostBearIt’s a feature that further increases the strength of the encryption. If everything works fine, you probably don’t even need it since it slows down the performance.

TunnelBear doesn’t allow P2P, which is bad news for people looking for a VPN for torrenting.

Plans & Prices

TunnelBear offers 3 options total:

  • Little is their free monthly plan. You’ll get 500MB of free traffic every month.
  • Giant offers unlimited data for 7.99$ per month.
  • Grizzly offers the same features as the Giant plan, but costs 4.16$ per month if billed annually.Tunnelbear Plans Prices


TunnelBear is a neat VPN with great coverage and encryption, budget-friendly prices, and a myriad of advanced and innovative features. Not to mention it allows up to 5 simultaneous connections, which really seals the deal.

Besides, it comes as a refreshment in the jungle of VPN business of today. It’s charming, the site is filled with quirky bear images and puns, so it goes to show you can both have fun and offer excellent service.

On the downside, the speeds aren’t top of the line and the support options are somewhat limited.

Want to find out even more about TunnelBear? Make sure to check out our TunnelBear Review for detailed information about this VPN provider.