Ad Block Is Pure VPN’s Latest Addition

December 28, 2016

You can’t do anything online these days without seeing at least a few ads. They are everywhere and you – alongside most people – are probably sick of it. We completely understand how you feel. You don’t want them, never asked for them, yet they are always there, targeting you so to speak. In some cases, ads even hide malicious code.

Ads are a real pain in the neck, there’s no doubt about that, but you can finally do something about it. Pure VPN, one of the world-class companies in the area of internet security, proudly introduces a new ad-blocker. Meet Bad Ad Johnny, the first ad-blocker with a personality!

Ad Blocker

Bad Ad Johnny isn’t just an ad-blocker per se, Johnny is also a malware tracker and a spyware dodger, all united into one protective browser extension. Bad Ad Johnny looks up to Pure VPN and takes care of your online security by fighting against ads, malware, and trackers. Johnny blocks annoying ads and protects you from malware, keeping all your computer data safe. Bad Ad Johnny strives to get rid of all ads and save you from the nuisance they cause. Your online endeavors will finally be free from  loud, unwanted ads, and malware that could harm you.

With Bad Ad Johnny you get a full package ad-blocker, malware fighter and spyware dodger. However, if you think you don’t need this maximum security, or you like ads for some reason, you can opt out of some aspects. Bad Ad Johnny provides adblocking, malware protection and tracker protection. You can choose to activate a single one; combine any two of them or decide for all three options, depending on your needs and requirements.

Ad blockBad Ad Johnny also provides you with an option to deactivate ad-blocker for specific sites during the session that is current at that moment. Except from the ads you mark as acceptable, Bad Ad Johnny doesn’t allow any ads to appear while you’re browsing the internet.

This witty extension is currently available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. It’s only a matter of days when Bad Ad Johnny will be supported on other browsers as well. Bad Ad Johnny has a profile on all major social networks. So, if you want to find out more about Bad Ad Johnny or just chat with this ad-blocker with a personality, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re tired of irritating ads, Bad Ad Johnny will certainly be of use to you. To find out more about online privacy, you should check out Pure VPN.