Our Research

When creating our content, we aim to strike the optimal balance between thorough Internet research and hands-on testing. We collect all available information on the VPNs we review and conduct tests to verify the obtained data. These tests encompass everything observable from the user standpoint, from the VPN’s usability and speed to customer service quality.

As the results of VPN testing cannot be fully reliable and indicative of overall service quality if conducted from a single or even several locations, we do not exclusively rely on the data obtained by our small testing team. We take into consideration the experiences of other users from other parts of the world and honestly state the limitations of our testing results.

For information that cannot be obtained through testing, we turn to reliable Internet sources in order to get verifiable additional data on the services we review.

First, we conduct thorough background checks to determine the companies’ trustworthiness. Second, we inquire about the location of their headquarters to know whether the companies may be at any point compelled to turn over user data to the authorities.

We read through every line of each service’s privacy policy to find out how user information is collected and shared, discover details on the company’s P2P policy, and find out if there are any circumstances under which user activity could be monitored and stored.

We explore the range of features VPN services offer and obtain relevant information on security and privacy tools available, from protocols used and encryption employed to useful features like kill switch, dedicated leak protection, malware protection or ad block.

We determine the size of each company’s server network and the service’s suitability for users with different needs, preferences, and budgets. We determine how useful the service can be to any one of our readers in order to be able to provide solid recommendations to anyone interested in VPN protection.

Essentially, we collect all the data that our readers may need in order to determine whether the VPN that piques their interest is the best fit for their needs. However, our research does not end once all the relevant data is collected. We constantly keep up with the latest news and updates so we could guarantee that our content is always reliable and that it includes all the information that can influence and facilitate our readers’ decision-making process.

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