Best VPN Black Friday Deals 2023

October 29, 2023

Black Friday is just around the corner and we are delighted to say that all the big names in the VPN industry have already announced huge discounts that you definitely do not want to miss.

Like every year, we are hard at work, searching for the best Black Friday VPN deals that can help you maximize your online security and anonymity at the lowest possible price. Making sure we do not disappoint, we are doing our research thoroughly, so you can find the perfect VPN deal for you, whether you are a casual surfer, a passionate streamer or anything in between.

On Black Friday, is the place to be. Bookmark this page and check back by November 29 to take advantage of the most jaw-dropping discounts in the VPN realm!

Check out the best Black Friday deals we have picked out for you.

1. Get 72% Off NordVPN

NordVPN Black Friday 2021

Offer: Save 72% on your 2-year NordVPN subscription!

More generous than ever, NordVPN is offering an unbelievable 68% discount on its 2-year plan, allowing you to get 3 years of protection for just $3.29 per month. But that is not all! On top of all this you get crazy 70% off a NordPass password manager and also 70% off NordLocker secure cloud for all your sensitive data! And you can always get a one-year subscription for just $59.

2. Save 49% With ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Black Friday 2021

Offer: Get 15 months of VPN protection with a 49% discount!

Express VPN has decided to surprise its users this Black Friday with an exclusive 15-month subscription that comes at the lowest possible price. In addition to paying just $99.95 for the whole plan, you get the same price during the following year if you renew your subscription. And remember, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee with this offer!

3. Best Deal: Save Up To $250 On Surfshark

Surfshark Black Friday 2021

Offer: Get Surfshark’s 6-month plan with a 50% discount or 2-year plan with an 81% discount!

Enjoy great savings with Surfshark this year and get your 6-month subscription for $6.49 per month or the 2-year plan for an amazing $2.21 per month. Take a look at the other offers and you’ll realize this is the best one! As one of the best Black Friday VPN Deals Surfshark also offers a privacy control option beyond VPN! If you think your email got leaked or that Google knows too much about you or would like REAL organic results you can get this service for just $0.99/month. Check out the details by visiting the link below!

4. Get a 3-year PIA plan for just $79

Private Internet Access Black Friday 2021

Offer: Buy Private Internet Access’ 3-year plan and get an extra 3 months!

Private Internet Access is giving away 3 months of free VPN protection with its 3-year subscription, which means you get to save an amazing 83% on the plan. Fast and secure, PIA has been one of the fastest rising new VPN providers. Find out why people love it so much without risking anything as you have 30 days to decide whether they were really that good. We think they are.

5.Get Up To 77% Off On Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield Black Friday 2021

Offer: Save 38% on Hotspot Shield’s 1-year plan or 77% on its 3-year plan!

Hotspot Shield is offering discounts on two its plans this Black Friday, enabling you to get one year of VPN protection with a 38% discount and 36 months of protection with a 77% discount, translating to only $107.64.

6. Save Over $40 With Unlocator

VPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Enjoy a $41 discount on Unlocator’s 12-month plan!

Unlocator lets you save just shy over $40 with its popular yearly Hybrid plan that comes with both the company’s VPN and SmartDNS.

7. Save Up To 40% On ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Black Friday 2019 offer

Offer: Get ProtonVPN’s annual plan with a 33% discount or 2-year plan with a 40% discount!

ProtonVPN has lowered the prices of two of its plans for Black Friday 2023, allowing you to save up to 40% on your subscription. The 2-year plan is the better of the two deals, enabling you to get 24 months of VPN protection for just $144. The company also offers its 2-year Mail + VPN bundle at half the usual price.

8. Save 54% With Getflix

VPN Black Friday 2018

Offer: Get Getflix’s 2-year subscription with a 54% discount!

While Getflix does not officially have any Black Friday deals this year, it does let its users get two years of VPN protection at a reduced price.

9. Get Up To 74% Off AirVPN

AirVPN Black Friday 2019 offer

Offer: Save between 55% and 74% on AirVPN plans!

AirVPN is offering generous discounts on its 6-month, annual, 2-year, and 3-year plans this Black Friday. If you opt for 6 months of VPN protection, you get to save 55%. With the annual and 2-year plans, you save 62% and 69%, respectively. The 3-year plan comes with the biggest discount, enabling you to get 36 months of protection with a 74% discount.

10. Save Up To 73% On PureVPN

PureVPN Black Friday

Offer: Get 73% off Pure VPN’s 2-year plan or 24% off the 6-month plan!

With PureVPN’s Black Friday 2023 deal, you can get 2 full years of VPN protection for just $0.99 per month or 6 months of protection for $8.33 per month. With a price difference like that your choice is obvious.

11. Enjoy 80% Off VyprVPN

VyprVPN Black Friday

Offer: Save 80% on VyprVPN’s 2-year plan!

VyprVPN is offering an amazing 80% discount on 24 months of VPN protection, allowing you to purchase the plan for a total of $60 instead of the regular $310.80.

12. Get unbelivable $379 off with cyberghost

Black Friday CyberGhost

Offer: Purchase CyberGhost’s three year plan for just $87.75

For Black Friday, CyberGhost has prepared a nice deal for its potential users. Namely, if you buy the 3-year plan, you get an additional 3 months completely FREE of charge, meaning you pay $87.75 for the exclusive 39-month plan.

13. Get 50% Off TorGuard

Offer: Save 50% on all TorGuard plans!

TorGuard is offering all of its VPN plans for half their regular price this Black Friday. Apart from letting you save 50% on its subscriptions, the offer includes a FREE 10GB PrivateMail account.

14. Save Up To 73% On IPVanish

Ivacy Black Friday

Offer: Save 59% with IPVanish’s monthly plan, 63% with the 3-month plan, and 73% with the annual plan!

With incredibly generous discounts for Black Friday, IPVanish lets you purchase its monthly plan for $5, its 3-month plan for $4.50 per month, and its yearly plan for just $3.25 per month.

15. Enjoy 55% Off Windscribe

Offer: Save 55% on Windscribe’s annual plan!

This Black Friday, Windscribe is offering its 12-month plan at a significantly reduced price, enabling you to get your subscription for only $49 per year.

16. Save 58% With TunnelBear

Tunnelbear Black Friday

Offer: Get a 58% discount on TunnelBera’s annual plan!

With TunnelBear, you get to enjoy not one but two deals on its annual plan. Namely, the price on the site is sliced in half for Black Friday, but the company also applies a special coupon to your order, enabling you to save a total of 58% on 12 months of protection.

17. Get A 75% Discount On Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass Black Friday

Offer: Save 75% with Hide My Ass’ 3-year plan!

With Hide My Ass’ Black Friday deal, you can get its 36-month plan with a 75% discount, which means you pay only $107.64 for 3 whole years of protection.

18. Enjoy A 50% Discount On StrongVPN

StrongVPN Black Friday

Offer: Save 50% with StrongVPN’s annual plan!

With Strong VPN’s Black Friday deal, you get to save 50% on its 12-month plan, which means you pay only $2.91 per month.

19. Save Up To 77% With GOOSE VPN

GooseVPN Black Friday

Offer: Get a 62% discount on GOOSE VPN’s annual plan or a 77% discount on the 2-year plan!

With GOOSE VPN’s Black Friday deal, you can get the yearly plan for only $4.99 per month or the 2-year subscription for just $2.99 per month. Their Autumn deal features best prices with just $2.75 per month for a 3-year plan.

20. Save 70% On Speedify

Offer: Get Speedify’s 3-year subscription with a 70% discount!

Speedify is offering an amazing 70% discount on 3 years of VPN protection, so instead of paying $359.64 for the subscription, you can enjoy optimal online safety and security for 36 months for just $107.64.

21. Save Up To 81% With SaferVPN

SaferVPN Black Friday 2019 offer

Offer: Save 58% with SaferVPN’s annual plan and 81% with the 3-year plan!

With SaferVPN, you get to enjoy amazing discounts this year, saving from 58% for 12 months of protection to 81% for 36 months of protection!