Best VPN Coupons and Deals for February 2023

February 6, 2023
Surfshark February 2023 Discount

Since February is the shortest month of the year, we better waste no time and get straight to the important stuff. We searched the whole of the Internet (yes, we really did that) and found the best VPN coupons and deals for the month of February 2023. Since we reviewed most of these VPNs, we will also include links to our reviews if you want to know more about them. And there are important things you should know about them before you buy them. Is this VPN service good for torrenting or gaming? Can you stream Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ using this popular VPN? The answers to all of these questions hide in our detailed and unbiased reviews.

If, however, you’re short on time and don’t know much about the technology we’ve also got a life hack for you. It’s pretty obvious but it still needs to be said. The bigger the VPN the likelier it is to have the features you want. So, if this is some VPN service you never heard of, the chances are that it’s not going to be working with Netflix. But if it’s something that you already saw advertised, it’s more likely to be able to stream Netflix, for example. With that being said, let’s start our list and start it strong with one hell of a coupon!

Get 82% off plus 2 free months with Surfshark

Duration: 2 years + 2 months = 26 months
Subscription price per month = $2.30
Subscription price for the deal = $59.76

If you don’t want to think too much and spend too much time looking for a good all-around VPN, your best choice is Surfshark VPN. It’s got a huge list of servers so it really doesn’t matter where you live. And it’s got all the features you would want from VPN. It covers unlimited devices and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. It’s one of the best VPNs for streaming content in the highest quality possible and it also has a no-logs policy.

This means no one will be able to know your browser history or anything else. If you want to know more about it, we recommend you read our comprehensive Surfshark review. With that being said, it’s time to unveil the offer you’ve been looking for. Get 82% off plus 2 free months with this exclusive The VPN Lab and Surfshark offer. You’ll be paying just $2.30 for a premium VPN service so take advantage of this time-limited deal while it lasts.

Get 59% Off with NordVPN

Duration: 2 years = 24 months
Subscription price per month = $4.19
Subscription price for the deal = $100.56

Let’s get something out of the way immediately. Something you must have noticed by now. The price of NordVPN is almost twice the price of Surfshark VPN. And sure, Surfshark is running one hell of a deal right now but so is NordVPN, so what gives? Well, this is why you should visit The VPN Lab, to learn all about the small print. And the small print, in this case, says that with NordVPN you don’t get just a VPN but also a whole Internet safety and security bundle.

It will protect you from malware, trackers, and ads all at once. So, you don’t have to worry about buying something to prevent hackers from stealing your identity, browsing history, or anything like that. You just buy this subscription and you’re good to go. Another cool feature NordVPN has is the popular Dark Web Monitor. We know it sounds a bit ominous but this is the world we live in. This module monitors dark websites for your data, informing you of possible leaks and telling you what actions should you take. If you want to know more, here’s our NordVPN review

Get 50% Off with Proton VPN

Duration: 2 years = 24 months
Subscription price per month = $4.99
Subscription price for the deal = $119.76

You already know the deal and you can already sense that Proton VPN has something special to offer. Well, that something special is complete anonymity, an easy-to-use interface, and excellent speeds. We think it’s enough to tell you that Proton VPN was born in CERN, an intergovernmental organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. A team of scientists decided to make the best possible VPN. A VPN that has an open source code, meaning anyone can look at it and see for themselves just how good it is. Just for the record, none of the other VPNs have done this.

You might be wondering why Proton VPNs no-logs policy and privacy promise are more believable than with other VPN providers. Well, the reason for that is Swiss laws. You see, they’re headquartered in Switzerland, the most neutral country in the world. And the country that has kept its secrets for centuries and centuries. Now that’s a track record worth admiring. If you want to know more about this company, you can read our Proton VPN review. And if you want to save money, you can get 50% off and pay just $4.99 per month for absolute privacy and security.