Best VPN Coupons and Deals for June 2023

June 14, 2023

The long wait is finally over and the summer is here! So, as we do each month, we have prepared for you the best VPN coupons and deals for the month of June 2023. We usually talk about why you should consider getting a VPN but this time we would like to focus your attention on something else. In recent months a number of companies started offering complete protection packages. This means that you get not only a top VPN but also excellent Ad Blockers, Password Managers, Anti-Virus apps, and much, much more. So, when you buy this complete protection package, you’re, as you’ve probably guessed, completely protected from all kinds of threats on the Internet.

We think the most dangerous one is identity theft. If someone steals your online identity they get access not only to your banking but also all kinds of sensitive data that can be used to commit all kinds of crimes. Just think about this, if someone stole your identity, he could be using it right now to commit credit card fraud or even worse crimes we dare not mention. And while you will eventually prove that you have nothing to do with these crimes, the proceedings are lengthy and require a lot of time, patience, and effort. So, why not prevent them from happening in the first place? With that being said, it’s time to talk about the best VPN coupons and deals:

Get 82% off plus 2 free months with Surfshark

Duration: 2 years + 2 months = 26 months
Subscription price per month = $2.30
Subscription price for the deal = $59.76

Probably the best VPN solution in the world just got even better with Surfshark One. This is one of those complete protection packages we were talking about earlier. You will get a top VPN with RAM-only superfast servers in over 100 countries. Just to be perfectly clear, RAM-only servers mean that your entire Internet activity will be permanently erased once they’re restarted, which happens on a regular basis. This means that even if somehow someone wanted to see what you were doing on the internet yesterday, they could not physically access that data.

Next up we have an Antivirus app and a Search tool that allows you to get purely organic results without ads tailored to your Internet activity. Finally, you also get a special Alert tool that guards your email accounts, secures your personal ID, and protects your credit cards. The VPN Lab and Surfshark have a special coupon that will make this an offer you cannot refuse. Just use the Surfshark coupon: surfsharkdeal and you will get 82% off plus 2 free months on top of that. This means you’ll pay less than $60 for a two-year period of safety and security!

FastestVPN Lifetime Subscription is now just $40

FastestVPN Lifetime VPN Deal

Duration: Lifetime
Subscription price per month = N/A
Subscription price for the deal = N/A

If you’re tired of thinking about subscriptions and other deals, just take probably the best VPN in the world right now. For just $40 you will get an excellent and incredibly fast VPN, they don’t call it FastestVPN for anything. However, that’s not all you’ll be getting in the package. First of all, you’ll be getting a powerful and safe Password Manager. This app is more handy than you think as almost immediately you’ll start noticing just how much of a nuisance was to enter all those usernames and passwords. Secondly, Ad Blocker is an essential part of this deal and it needs no further explanation.

We would also like to mention that FastestVPN has an iron-clad no-logs policy, preventing anyone from accessing your online activity. You can use this handy VPN on up to 10 devices to connect to 10 GBPS ultra-fast servers in 60+ locations. You’ll be also securing your email accounts, preventing phishing attempts and malware attacks all in one fell swoop. Finally, streaming is also much easier with FastestVPN. So, if you’re looking for a cheap but reliable and sturdy all-in-one VPN solution, a FastestVPN lifetime subscription is the way to go.

Get 50% Off with Proton VPN

ProtonVPN Discount Features

Duration: 2 years = 24 months
Subscription price per month = $4.99
Subscription price for the deal = $119.76

Proton VPN offers unparalleled safety and security for affordable prices. Created by scientists who worked at CERN, an intergovernmental organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use for such a powerful piece of software. That’s down to the optimization and the scientific approach Proton VPN programmers chose to follow. It has 1900+ servers in 65+ countries and you can use it to secure up to 10 devices. What makes this VPN different from the others is its free version. Yes, you can get Proton VPN for free.

Sure, there are some limitations like the connection to only 3 servers in 3 different countries and one device policy. However, you’ll also get the no-logs policy and the opportunity to see this powerful VPN in action. They are so sure of the quality of their product, they’re giving it away for free. We recommend you test it out and see for yourself just how good it is. Of course, when you purchase the full subscription using our special offer for just $4.99 per month, you’ll get a lot more features. Ad Blocker, Tor-over-VPN, Kill-Switch and many others prove that this open-source VPN is probably your best choice if you’re looking for complete privacy online.