Best VPN Coupons and Deals for May 2023

May 8, 2023

May is the perfect month to get save money and get the protection you need. We all know that when the summer arrives, we won’t have time to think about VPNs, online safety, malicious software, and other Internet issues. Those are autumn and winter issues. So, take advantage of this period and get your VPN at an affordable price. While most of you think that the biggest discounts are happening during the winter months, the ones we’re going to be talking about are just as good.

We have been doing this for a long time and there’s one trend that never changes. And that’s the increase of potential problems you might run into while using the Internet. Do not wait for the problems to appear and be proactive. Prevent identity theft. Prevent trackers from gathering your browsing history and then selling it off to the highest bidder. And finally, enjoy streaming platforms the way they were intended to be enjoyed. If you were a God who could change its location in an instant. So, without further ado, here are the biggest VPN coupons and deals for the month of May 2023.

Get 63% off NordVPN plus 3 months for free

Duration: 2 years + 3 months = 27 months
Subscription price per month = $3.29
Subscription price for the deal = $88.83

There are not many VPNs on the market currently that are as good as NordVPN. If you’re looking for a VPN that’s dependable, secure, safe, and easy to use, you’ve just found it. Sure, it’s going to cost a bit more than the next one but for a good reason. Did you know that NordVPN’s server network is one of the best in the world? There are more than 5600 ultra-fast servers spread out across sixty different countries that make up this uniquely safe and fast network. If you want to know more, you can read our NordVPN review

We also want to make something perfectly clear because we get a lot of these questions. Once you use NordVPN to connect to a secure server (any server, they’re all secure), you can close the app and the connection will remain. This means that your browsing history will not be tracked and anyone who looks up your IP address will not get the one you’re actually using. Additionally, if you want to completely secure your digital life, check out NordVPN’s password manager and secure cloud storage. You’ll get them at a discount too!

Get 49% off ExpressVPN plus 3 months for free

Duration: 12 months + 3 months = 15 months
Subscription price per month = $6.66
Subscription price for the deal = $99.95

If you don’t want to think too much, get the “VPN that just works”: ExpressVPN. We’ve talked a lot about this VPN over the years but the most recent news we’ve covered is also the most indicative one. Did you know that ExpressVPN now has over 4 million active subscribers? Yes, that’s true over 4 million users all over the world have decided to trust this company with their online safety and security and they haven’t regretted that decision. Moreover, they soon started recommending it to other users and this is how we got to the place we’re at now.

Unlike most other coupons and deals, this one is valid for just 12 months. However, ExpressVPN offers a 49% discount and three free months on top of that. So, if you would like to dip your toe in the VPN waters, this deal is perfect for you. 15 months is enough time to decide whether this is something you would like to continue using or not. Remember, ExpressVPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. If you want to know more, you can read our ExpressVPN review.

Get 82% off plus 2 free months with Surfshark

Duration: 2 years + 2 months = 26 months
Subscription price per month = $2.30
Subscription price for the deal = $59.76

We’ve saved the best deal for the very end. The numbers don’t lie, so you can just look at our short summary after each one of those deals and see for yourself just how good of a deal this is. Let’s face it, $2.30 per month is nothing. Just compare this to any other thing you would buy. For the price of one bad burger, you’ll be able to use the Internet not just on your computer but also on your mobile phone and any other device you use fully knowing you’ll be safe and secure. Surfshark VPN has a built-in Ad-blocker and Anti-malware protection. Just imagine how good it is going to feel to surf the web without seeing any ads.

Speaking of ads, have you noticed that the things you search for often appear in ads? And have you noticed that the products that you simply talk about also appear in ads you see? This is happening because your browsing history is not secure. If you want to know more about where your personal data is ending up, you can use another useful Surfshark tool at your disposal, Incogni. If you want to know more about this VPN, just check out our detailed Surfshark VPN review.