Buffered VPN Merges With Encrypt.me

December 3, 2019

Encrypt.me and Buffered have just announced their merger and subsequent assimilation of both their services and clients.  

This transition will not incur any additional expenses for the existing users of Buffered VPN, but they can expect significant service upgrades in the future. Some of the new benefits will include live chat, updated apps for all platforms, and numerous additions to the existing server network infrastructure. Furthermore, you can expect a full list of extra perks stemming from NetProtect’s expertise in the field of cybersecurity and its extensive technical capabilities.  

buffered-logo on white background

Speaking of NetProtect, the company belongs to Js Global family, which has built one of the largest VPN conglomerates on the market. At the moment, it owns IPVanishSaferVPN, Encrypt.me, VPNHubStrongVPN, and now Buffered. The VPN industry is experiencing rapid growth and large corporate entities are racing to acquire as many small providers as possible. When it comes to aggressive investments in the field of VPN protection, J2 Global is only rivaled by AnchorFree, which already has nine VPN providers under its corporate umbrella.  

The existing clients will get to keep their current subscriptions FOR LIFE without any price alterations. In other words, no matter what packages get introduced or retired, you can keep your current plan for as long as you want to. Having said that, the price difference between the two services is quite high and NetProtect hopes to iron things out by convincing existing Buffered users that a larger server network paired with better streaming support is worth investing in a better (and more expensive) plan.  

The bottom line is that Buffered and Encrypt.me are a great match and complement each other perfectly. Buffered has top-of-the-line security and privacy configurations, but its server network and streaming support are definitely subpar. Encrypt.me, on the other hand, has a larger network of servers and better streaming capabilities, but its security setup needs a lot of work. Joining these two services makes perfect sense since both of them will receive important boosts where they need them the most and overcome serious problems that stopped them from competing with top VPN providers.