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ExpressVPN vs Private Internet Access

UPDATED Apr. 2017

The importance of online anonymity is not to be taken lightly. That is why we invest a lot of effort into helping you find the best VPN service. As you probably know, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access are among the best in the business.

This objective ExpressVPN vs. Private Internet Access comparison was created by our team of experts, who know exactly which qualities a VPN service provider needs to possess in order to provide you with absolute security and anonymity. What follows is a detailed ExpressVPN vs. Private Internet Access comparison based on 7 main criteria for VPN protection, which can help you decide which one of these two renowned VPN providers is a better choice for you.

Value For Money
Price $12.95 $6.95
Final Rating 9.9/10 8.3/10

Comparison Breakdown

Choosing between ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access is not exactly easy, with all of their numerous features to keep in mind while making the decision. This side-by-side comparison provides you with a full view of their offers and allows you to clearly see which one is better suited for your needs.


  • ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Linux, as well as routers. You can use it on practically any device that requires VPN protection and it allows 3 simultaneous connections.
  • Private Internet Access supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux and can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously. It provides customized security for all devices that use the platforms and operating systems it supports.

Support Type

  • ExpressVPN features an extensive knowledge base, helpful FAQ, and support through email. If you need urgent help, you can make use of its excellent live chat and get quick and helpful answers to your questions.
  • Private Internet Access also features a great support section, as well as a forum which allows you to get help from other experienced users. For quick answers, you can contact its support staff via its 24/7 live chat.

IP Type

  • ExpressVPN offers 336 dynamic/shared IP addresses to its users. It does not offer static/dedicated IPs.
  • Just like ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access only offers dynamic/shared IP addresses.

Pricing Options

  • ExpressVPN offers three subscription packages. The monthly subscription costs $12.95, the semi-annual costs $9.99 per month (billed semi-annually), and the yearly subscription costs $8.32 per month (billed yearly).
  • Private Internet Access offers 3 plans to its users. The monthly package costs $6.95, the semi-annual costs $35.99 ($5.99 per month), and the annual package costs $39.95 ($3.33 per month).


  • Open VPN is the default protocol for ExpressVPN, but the provider also offers L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP protocols.
  • Private Internet Access offers OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP protocols.

Performance & Reliability

  • ExpressVPN boasts 500 servers in 136 cities in 87 world countries. Its performance borders on perfect. It offers unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switching. It also supports P2P and features Smart DNS.
  • Private Internet Access operates over 3260 servers in 25 world countries. It offers impressive speeds and smooth performance, along with unlimited bandwidth. It supports P2P and features DNS leak protection.

Security & Protection

  • ExpressVPN keeps you safe with multiple layers of protection. It uses strong encryption, features a kill switch, and brings you the highly useful NAT firewall. It provides you with the highest level of anonymity, with no traffic logs stored and BitCoin payment option.
  • Private Internet Access features strong encryption and a VPN kill switch for maximum protection. Complete anonymity is guaranteed by its zero logging policy and the possibility to make payments via BitCoin.
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