Does AirVPN Allow Torrenting?

If you want to use a VPN for torrenting or any type of P2P sharing, there are a couple of things that you need to figure out right away. First, you have to check whether the VPN in question is P2P-friendly and second, you need to determine whether you can engage in torrenting risk-free while using the service in order to avoid any potential repercussions. If your VPN of choice is AirVPN, you have come to the right place because we have gathered all the important facts about torrenting via AirVPN service.

Does AirVPN Allow Torrenting

AirVPN And P2P File Sharing

Luckily, AirVPN does allow torrenting. Unlike some other services that restrict the use of torrents or allow torrenting on a couple of servers only, AirVPN imposes no limits on your torrent use. You can choose any server you like and enjoy excellent download speeds. This is certainly great news for avid torrent users.


AirVPN Security

Just because a VPN service allows you to use torrents that does not mean that you should, at least not before you have made sure you can be completely safe and anonymous. Fortunately, we have more good news for you.

In our AirVPN review, we provided all the reasons why this service is more than a safe choice. Here is a quick recap. It uses strong encryption with Perfect Forward Secrecy included, it protects you from hacker attacks, including Logjam attacks, as well as WebRTC bug, and there are no DNS or IPv6 leaks. Therefore, as far as security is concerned, you cannot do much better than AirVPN.

On top of that, the service has adopted a strict no-logs policy. That means that your online activity is not monitored and no records of what you do online are kept. Plus, you can pay with Bitcoin and stay completely anonymous, without disclosing your personal information at any point.

Thus, it is safe to say that AirVPN does not only allow torrenting but is also one of the finest VPN solutions for torrent users.

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