Does AirVPN Work In China?

AirVPN promises to allow you to experience the real Internet with no boundaries. For the majority of its users around the globe, it truly is an excellent VPN solution. It provides good speeds, strong encryption, unlimited bandwidth, 5 simultaneous connections, and more impressive security features than most VPNs out there. However, what we wanted to know is whether the Chinese users of AirVPN service can get a taste of the real Internet as well in spite of China’s relentless battle against VPNs. We ran a series of tests and here is what we found.

Does AirVPN Work In China

Breaking Through The Great Firewall

When determining AirVPN’s ability to bypass China’s censorship, we first decided to go with the default settings and see how it goes. Suffice to say, it did not go too well. While quite disappointed after this first unsuccessful attempt, we were not ready to give up so easily, so we decided to give additional tunnel layers a try. Luckily, the SSL tunnel worked like a charm. The speeds were better than we expected and we managed to access otherwise blocked content problem-free. We logged into Gmail, watched a couple of cat videos on YouTube, spent a couple of minutes on Instagram, and decided it was time to check out the SSH tunnel as well. Unfortunately, the SSH solution did not work as well as SSL, although it is worth noting that it did (eventually) work.

Therefore, we can say that if you live in China or plan on going there soon, AirVPN seems like a good choice. For more good news, you can test AirVPN yourself with the 3-day free trial and then decide whether you want to purchase a subscription. However, it may take up to 3 days before your request for a free trial is granted. Alternatively, you can get the 3-day subscription for just €1 (about $1.25). Another option is to simply get the subscription you want (monthly, 3-month, 6-month or annual) and if the service does not work as expected, you can cancel within 3 days and get a refund. Still, based on our experience, AirVPN is more than able to bypass the Great Firewall (with the use of the SSL tunnel), so there is a pretty good chance that the service will work to your satisfaction.

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