Does AirVPN Work With Netflix?

AirVPN is a recommendation-worthy VPN service that offers pretty much everything an average user may expect from a VPN. It is fast and reliable, uses strong encryption, keeps no logs, allows 5 concurrent connections, offers a variety of useful features, allows P2P sharing, and protects you from DNS and IPv6 leaks, as well as hacker attacks. Not only that, but the prices of its subscriptions start at only $4.50 per month, which is surprisingly affordable. Still, there is one question that needs answering and that is whether AirVPN service is currently able to unblock US Netflix. Here is our honest answer.

Does AirVPN Work With Netflix

No Such Luck

AirVPN may have an impressive set of features, but its server network is less than impressive, to say the least. It operates servers in only 19 world countries, which is somewhat disappointing. With that in mind, we did not have any major expectations when we started running our tests. Thus, we were not too disappointed when we found out that AirVPN does not work with Netflix at the moment.

For a brief time during Q2 of 2017, AirVPN’s US Cursa server was a good choice for unblocking US Netflix, but the entertainment giant quickly blacklisted this one as well, leaving AirVPN users with very little hope. Since the service has not been working with Netflix for quite some time now, it seems that it is not too eager to invest any efforts into making it possible for its users to stream their favorite content.

Still, this does not mean that things will not change at some point. We will keep running our tests regularly and perhaps we will have some good news to report in the future, so be sure to check back for updates.

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