Does Astrill VPN Allow Torrenting?

Astrill VPN is a well-known VPN provider located in the Republic of Seychelles. This gives it an inherent advantage over many other VPN services since the company is not subject to any mandatory data retention laws. It features 338 powerful VPN servers spread across 62 countries. Its sophisticated software and high-end service are complemented with professional and friendly live chat support. 

Let’s find out if you can use Astrill VPN for P2P file sharing and inspect the company’s torrenting policy and relevant security features along the way. 

Does Astrill VPN Allow Torrenting

P2P File Sharing

Astrill VPN does allow the use of P2P applications, but you’ll have to use OpenVPN or StealthVPN mode for a successful connection. On the list of the available servers, the ones marked with a yellow star support BitTorrent-based apps and manual or automatic port forwarding. 

For manual port forwarding, you’ll need to enable forwarding in your Astrill app and use the assigned port in your P2P client. For automatic port forwarding, you should use port range 40000-49999 and enable NAT-PMP or UPnP in your P2P client. 


First of all, Astrill is located in the Seychelles, which means none of the governments known for spying on their citizens can touch it or request any user data. On top of this, the company records no usage logs whatsoever and won’t disclose, lease or share your data with any third parties. 

Astrill VPN supports a wide range of connection protocols, including OpenVPN and StealthVPN. Depending on your chosen protocol, you can also use a variety of encryption options, but we recommend avoiding BlowFish and similar ciphers and going straight for AES-256. The software also comes with a convenient automatic killswitch feature, which will disable your Internet connection the moment your VPN becomes compromised. 

Torrenting On All Servers

As we already mentioned, not all Astrill VPN servers support BitTorrent-based apps. The ones that do are marked with a yellow star. It’s very important to use the recommended servers since they’re optimized for torrenting both in terms of speed and performance. 

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