Does Buffered VPN Work With Netflix? – March 2018

Buffered VPN is an excellent VPN service provider with an abundance of advantages, including great speed and performance, a high level of security, unlimited speed and bandwidth, excellent compatibility, and the possibility to use the service on 5 devices at the same time. However, there is one more aspect of VPN service that is of paramount importance to a large number of users and that is whether it works with Netflix. In this short post, we explore whether it is possible to stream US Netflix with Buffered VPN.

Does Buffered VPN Work With Netflix

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Working On It

Unfortunately, at the moment, Buffered VPN does not work with Netflix. However, that does not mean that this option will not be available in the future. In fact, we spoke to Buffered VPN representatives and found out that the tech team was actively working on unblocking US Netflix. It is still work in progress, but it is highly likely that Buffered VPN users will be able to view Netflix content rather soon – and by soon we mean in a couple of days. This is excellent news for both current users and those interested in this service.

Buffered VPN Netflix

Therefore, while we are sad to say that Buffered VPN currently does not provide its users with the opportunity to stream Netflix, we are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that this issue will be resolved as promised. In the meantime, you can use this popular VPN service for torrenting or streaming any other content that piques your interest. Keeping in mind that most VPN services currently available do not work with Netflix and that many of them do not work on making it happen but rather focus on other aspects of their service, we believe that sticking with Buffered VPN is the right choice.