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Does CyberGhost Work With Netflix? – September 2017

Streaming US Netflix is one of the main reasons why people turn to VPN services in the first place. CyberGhost has long been one of the top VPN protection choices and the company is investing great efforts into making it possible for its users to stream content provided by Netflix, Hulu, BBC, and other entertainment and media companies. It has even created a special user profile for this purpose, called Unblock Streaming. However, Netflix is highly efficient in VPN detection and blocking, which is why we constantly perform tests to determine whether popular VPN services such as CyberGhost still manage to unblock Netflix as promised. Here are the latest results of our Netflix streaming tests conducted on CyberGhost.

Does CyberGhost Work With Netflix

Work In Progress

If you hoped that we would clear away your doubts by saying that CyberGhost works with Netflix, we are sad to disappoint you, but that is simply not true at the moment. However, this does not mean that CyberGhost will never again offer this option to its users. The company is actively working on introducing a large number of new servers for different countries, which would allow its users to stream Netflix. The problem is that the process of unblocking streaming takes a lot of time. CyberGhost is testing streaming services with its servers at all times and works hard on verifying providers, introducing new servers, and coming up with new ways to unblock content.

unblocking CyberGhost

For the time being, CyberGhost’s efforts to unblock US Netflix have been unsuccessful, which is not surprising, considering the amount of money this entertainment company invests in blocking VPN users. However, the prospects are not as bad as they seem. Unlike many other VPN services that either claim they can unblock Netflix just to get ahold of your cash or have simply decided that the cause is not worth fighting for and given up on unblocking Netflix altogether, CyberGhost is not giving up that easily and it is incredibly transparent about its operations.

Therefore, we do have to say that at the moment, CyberGhost does not work with Netflix. However, considering the valiant efforts of this VPN provider and the quality of work it has already done on this front, we have no doubts that it will succeed in making Netflix available to its users again. We would also like to praise CyberGhost for being so open about this and not trying to trick its customers, but instead working hard on making it happen. We hope that quite soon, we will be able to inform you that CyberGhost is victorious and indeed works with Netflix.

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