Does DotVPN Work With Netflix?

Apart from protecting your online sessions and data from unsolicited access and abuse, VPNs can also allow you to access geo-restricted websites and services. One of the most popular streaming platforms in the world is the US version of Netflix, which is, as the name implies, limited to the United States.  

If you are wondering whether DotVPN can provide you with access to Netflix US, read this post to find out and learn a bit more about the service itself.  

Does DotVPN Work With Netflix

DotVPN Netflix Check

Right off the bat, we are happy to inform you that DotVPN indeed CAN grant you access to the US version of Netflix. However, this privilege is reserved only for premium users.  

DotVPN features two subscription options, one of which is completely free. This plan comes with some heavy limitations designed to force you into buying the premium subscription. It features cloud firewall protection and offers unlimited data usage.

The premium plan, on the other hand, offers greater speeds, unlimited data usage, video and audio streaming, cloud firewall protection, 4096-bit encryption, P2P downloads, and zero content restrictions.  

In other words, DotVPN does work with Netflix at this moment, but only if you opt for the premium plan. Note that Netflix constantly works on its anti-VPN protection technologies, so there are absolutely no guarantees that your chosen VPN will be able to access the streaming service in the days to come.

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