Does HideMyAss Allow Torrenting?

HideMyAss is currently one of the most powerful VPN services on the market. However, many users have expressed their concerns regarding the level of privacy it provides, which is of particular importance to torrent users. This post is designed to give you all the relevant information about torrenting with HideMyAss, including how safe you are while using torrents with this VPN service.

Is HideMyAss Safe For Torrenting

HideMyAss And P2P Sharing

HideMyAss does not only allow P2P sharing, it even has special servers optimized for torrenting. They are located in Frankfurt, Miami, London, Slovenia, Serbia, New York, Paris, and London. Therefore, if you connect to one of these servers, you can expect excellent, above-average speeds, stable connections, and generally smooth performance.

It is important to note that not all HideMyAss servers can be used for torrenting, as some of them have closed ports for P2P, which is why we warmly recommend you stick to the ones listed above.

HideMyAss And Privacy

HideMyAss Safe For Torrenting

Unfortunately, HideMyAss is based in the United Kingdom, which is a member of the Five Eyes alliance. That means that it does not only keep logs but is obliged to keep them for 12 months and turn them over to the authorities in case such a request is made.

Information that HideMyAss collects includes your IP address at the time when you turn your VPN on and off, the IP addresses of the servers you connect to, and the amount of bandwidth you use. This is hardly good news and we have to say that we were quite disappointed to find out that HideMyAss cannot actually guarantee a high level of privacy.

Due to the fact that it cannot keep your data away from US and UK governments, HideMyAss warns you that you should not use torrenting for any illegal activities, such as sharing copyrighted material.

We find it a bit strange that a VPN service that has specialized torrenting servers would not keep torrent users safe, but unfortunately, that is the case with HideMyAss. If you want to enjoy maximum anonymity with no possibility of your data ever getting in the hands of the authorities, it is probably wise to look elsewhere.

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