Does ibVPN Work With Netflix?

ibVPN is a rather impressive Romanian VPN provider with a lot of interesting features to offer at a low cost. Apart from its zero-logging policy, solid encryption, and good speeds, the company also offers 3 different VPN subscriptions and even a SmartDNS+proxy plan. In other words, ibVPN brings an excellent price-to-value ratio to the table. Its 24-hour free trial is more than enough to test out all of its features. 

Keeping in mind that ibVPN is one of the best VPNs on the market, you may be curious whether it is the right choice for people looking to stream the US version of Netflix.

Does ibVPN Work With Netflix

ibVPN Netflix Check

During our testing circuit, we were unable to connect to Netflix US using ibVPN. We tried connecting to different servers, but we simply couldn’t get through the geo-restrictions. ibVPN was able to slip under the radar in the past, but we presume Netflix finally caught up to it. 

As far as our final verdict is concerned, ibVPN is still a very good VPN service, it’s just currently not the best solution for individuals who are thinking of purchasing a VPN solely to stream content on Netflix US. Netflix, on the other hand, has been known to block almost every VPN on the market at some point, so we wouldn’t completely rule out the possibility of ibVPN outsmarting the popular streaming platform in the future.

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