Does IronSocket Work With Netflix?

IronSocket is a Hong Kong-based Smart DNS and VPN service that provides great stability, solid speeds, and a high level of security, all at rather affordable prices. Its server network is not too large but includes 50+ servers in 40 world countries, which is enough to satisfy the needs of an average user. However, considering Netflix’s efficiency in blacklisting servers, this does not give us too much hope that IronSocket can help you stream your favorite Netflix content regardless of your location.

We have researched this matter so we could inform you how things currently stand when it comes to IronSocket VPN’s ability to unblock Netflix.

Does IronSocket Work With Netflix

No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

In July 2016, IronSocket started having difficulties providing access to Netflix, but at the time, its representatives claimed that the tech team is hard at work, coming up with a solution to this issue. However, the truth is that IronSocket has not been able to unblock Netflix for a while now and chances are that it will not be able to provide such service anytime soon, if ever.

This is not surprising, considering that some of the most powerful VPN solutions have long given up on the battle against the entertainment giant. However, what we do not like is the fact that IronSocket’s website still features claims that this service can help you unblock your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world, with a list of services including Netflix.

Thus, we can conclude that IronSocket does not work with Netflix, which is in line with our predictions. However, we would appreciate it if the service approached this matter with greater transparency and honesty and stopped advertising services it is unable to provide, as this may negatively affect users’ perception of this otherwise rather good VPN solution.

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