Does Mullvad Work With Netflix?

One of the biggest reasons users subscribe to VPNs is the potential ability to circumvent geo-restrictions and unlock foreign streaming services like Netflix. The said company is well-known for its relentless crusade against VPNs, so we tested Mullvad thoroughly to check whether the service was already flagged or not.  

If you identify yourself as a heavy Netflix aficionado, keep on reading this post to learn whether Mullvad can unlock the US version of Netflix for you and get you your money’s worth.   

Does Mullvad Work With Netflix

Mullvad Netflix Check

During our testing circuit, we tried connecting to Netflix on several occasions and, unfortunately, we received the dreaded proxy error every single time. This doesn’t mean the service is completely blocked, so you may get different results.

If they can unlock Netflix, you can bet VPN companies will mention that fact somewhere on the official website. This is not the case with Mullvad, though, so we can be almost sure this VPN service can’t be used to access your favorite video content.  

This will undoubtedly deter some potential users from purchasing a subscription, but Mullvad still has so much to offer to those whose primary concern lies with online safety and security.  

Bottom Line

Mullvad is definitely not the right choice if Netflix is the reason why you want a VPN. The service can be used for many things online, but unlocking Netflix movies and TV shows is not one of them.  

You can always download content from Netflix and watch it in the dedicated app, but you don’t really need a VPN to do that. If you still opt to take this road, make sure your Mullvad client is off before you start downloading. Note that Netflix downloads come with some pretty restrictive limitations, including the number of devices you can use to download the same content, the number of the same titles you can download, and the number of downloadable titles from the same distributor.  

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