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Does PureVPN Work With Netflix?

The (in)ability to stream Netflix has been the hottest topic in the VPN community for a while now, with Netflix constantly wiping names of the list of VPN services that work with this entertainment service. Luckily, there are still several VPNs that manage to offer their users the possibility to watch US Netflix. If you are wondering whether PureVPN is among them, you are not alone. The web is full of claims that PureVPN does work with Netflix and an approximately equal number of claims that it has decided to throw in the towel long ago. We decided to check it ourselves, contacted PureVPN directly, and verified the information we received. Here is a detailed overview of the current situation.

Does PureVPN Work With Netflix

Definitely Maybe

According to the words of the PureVPN staff, at the moment, it is possible to stream Netflix with PureVPN, but only for certain regions and on a limited number of operating systems. More specifically, PureVPN should allow you to stream Netflix content for the following regions: the US, the UK, and France. This sounds good, as VPN users are mainly interested in streaming US Netflix. As far as the operating systems are concerned, the only two options are Windows and Mac, so no smart TVs, smartphones, tablets or any other devices. This is the information we got straight from the horse’s mouth. However, our tests and the tests of our associates from other countries didn’t confirm these claims.

 PureVPN Work

Our attempts to stream US Netflix using PureVPN were unsuccessful and the same goes for Netflix for the UK and France. We switched from one server to the other, used the streaming mode, but nothing worked. We still got the annoying proxy error every time, meaning Netflix managed to detect that we were masking our IP and shot us down immediately.

We were quite disappointed since we explicitly asked PureVPN reps more than once whether we can stream Netflix for the US, the UK, and France using PureVPN service from anywhere in the world and they explicitly answered that we could. Considering that PureVPN has 210 US servers and keeps on expanding the list, it is perhaps possible to stumble upon a new US server that has not yet been blacklisted by Netflix, but we had no such luck. Therefore, we have to conclude that it is either incredibly difficult to find a PureVPN US server that allows you to stream Netflix or it is simply impossible.

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