Does PureVPN Work With Netflix?

The (in)ability to stream Netflix US from other parts of the world has been the hottest topic in the VPN community for a while now, with Netflix constantly wiping names of the list of VPN services that work with this entertainment service. Luckily, there are still several VPNs that manage to offer their users the possibility to watch US Netflix. If you are wondering whether PureVPN is among them, you are not alone. The web is full of claims that PureVPN does work with Netflix and an approximately equal number of claims that it has decided to throw in the towel long ago. We decided to check these allegations by testing PureVPN ourselves and here is a detailed overview of our test results.

Does PureVPN Work With Netflix

PureVPN Netflix Check

 PureVPN Work

Our testing team in Belgrade, Serbia had no problems connecting to the US version of Netflix and streaming content in full HD with PureVPN. Our VPN traffic was never recognized as such and we did not receive the dreaded proxy error.

Apart from Netflix, we were also able to access other popular platforms from Europe, including Crunchyroll and Hulu.

Having said that, PureVPN DOES NOT work with other regional versions of Netflix, specifically, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Netflix Japan features a decent number of exclusive animes, but you can still catch them on Crunchyroll, so that is not a huge problem. Furthermore, we were unable to access BBC iPlayer.

PureVPN’s streaming mode allows you to either pick specific locations or use the convenient website shortcuts and allow the client to choose the optimal server automatically. The company operates around 500 servers in the US, which provides you with plenty of options to choose from in case some of the locations get flagged down the line.

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