Does TotalVPN Allow Torrenting?

TotalVPN emerged on the VPN market looking to make a significant splash with its user-friendly platform and decent value for the price. We can only assume things didn’t exactly go as planned since TotalVPN stopped accepting new subscribers around March 2017. Its sister company, SaferWeb, followed suit as well.  

We monitor the news about the company very closely and will inform you the moment we learn something relevant. In the meantime, read this post to familiarize yourself with the initial offer and the reasons why the company discontinued service.   

Does TotalVPN Allow Torrenting

P2P File Sharing

P2P filesharing isn’t explicitly encouraged by TotalVPN, but it’s not forbidden either. You can use this VPN to download your favorite torrents, but note that the company has a very disturbing clause in its Privacy Policy. Namely, TotalVPN informs its users that it can share their personal info with the authorities without their consent or even prior notice.  


Does TotalVPN Allow Torrenting securityTotalVPN supports OpenVPN, IKEv2, IPsec, and PPTP protocols. As always, we recommend OpenVPN as the most secure option.  

The company is located in the UK, which raises some red flags regarding government subpoenas. It keeps connection logs, which is far from ideal but, unfortunately, pretty common nowadays.

TotalVPN uses AES-128 CBC cipher with a 4096 authentication certificate. This encryption setup is not bad, but there’s definitely room for improvement. The company offers no DNS leak protection or a kill switch in case your VPN gets compromised. 

Last year, there were a lot of disturbing reports involving unexpected fund withdrawals from user accounts. This only adds to the overall feeling of insecurity when it comes to TotalVPN.   

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