Does TunnelBear Work With Netflix?

A VPN service that allows you to purchase a subscription with jars of honey is a rather cool service indeed. If it also offers great ease of use, a high level of security, solid performance, no activity logs, and a free version, that sounds like a pretty good choice. TunnelBear offers all of the above, but the matter that interest users most these days is whether it works with Netflix. We are here to answer that question.

Work With Netflix Does TunnelBear

TunnelBear Netflix Check

Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not allow you to stream Netflix and has not been able to provide this service for a while now. This is probably due to the fact that it has a rather small number of servers compared to other popular VPN services. This, combined with only shared IPs, is no good news when it comes to unblocking Netflix.  Considering that many other VPN services with a much larger number of servers have already lost the battle against the media giant, it comes as no surprise that TunnelBear was unable to compete with Netflix trackers. We cannot blame it for not investing greater efforts into unblocking the content so many others have failed to unblock.

Work With Netflix TunnelBear

Having said that, TunnelBear is still an excellent VPN service that has quite a lot to offer and it also allows you to use it for free, which is not that common among VPN providers. While it may not be able to allow you to stream Netflix, it can keep you safe and anonymous, which is what VPNs are really all about.

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