Does VPN One Click Work With Netflix?

VPN One Click boasts more than 15 million users around the globe. Its subscriptions are highly affordable and it even offers a limited free version for all the most popular devices. It operates servers in 52+ world countries, does not keep any logs, and protects you from hackers and spoofing. What’s more, VPN One Click is rather fast and its performance is smooth most of the time. Surprisingly enough, it does not use OpenVPN but instead just offers PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols. While you do not get to enjoy the most advanced encryption, our research has shown that VPN One Click does offer rather good protection at an excellent price.

However, since a large portion of VPN users do not just seek security and privacy but also want to be able to bypass geo-restrictions and access US Netflix regardless of their current location, we wanted to find out whether VPN One Click can fully satisfy their needs.

Does VPN One Click Work With Netflix

Too Strong An Opponent

After several failed attempts to stream US Netflix using VPN One Click, we decided to get in touch with the support staff and see whether they have some useful advice to offer and whether the tech team is working on a solution. However, the folks at VPN One Click did not have any good news to share. It appears that this service has long stopped working on a way to unblock Netflix, claiming that it is impossible to avoid the Netflix block.

Therefore, VPN One Click does not work with Netflix and it is not likely that it ever will since it has realized that it does not possess the resources necessary to beat the giant, which renders further efforts inevitably futile. We applaud the service for its transparency and believe that its member base will continue to grow at a steady pace in spite of this shortcoming.

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