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Does Windscribe Work With Netflix? – January 2018

When VPN users ask if some service “works” with Netflix, the thing they really want to know is whether it bypasses the geo-restrictions of the US version of Netflix. In its everlasting crusade against VPNs, Netflix became really good at identifying them and blocking their users. That’s why finding a good VPN that can unlock Netflix outside of the US can be rather difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible.  

Right off the bat, we’re sad to inform you that no free version of any VPN is likely to unlock Netflix. Some of them, including Windscribe, might even work for a couple of days, but Netflix will catch on quickly and take appropriate actions.  

So, if you’re genuinely interested in Windscribe, but Netflix is still a deal-breaker, we recommend you read this post and learn whether this VPN can unlock this highly coveted content for you.  

Does-Windscribe Work With Netflix image

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Windscribe Netflix Check

With the current attitude of geo-restricted streaming services toward VPNs, every company that allows you to unlock Netflix will plaster that fact all over its official website. The first red flag is the fact that Windscribe doesn’t mention Netflix anywhere on the site. 

The absence of “in your face” evidence is not the evidence of absence, however, so we still had to check for ourselves and try to connect to US Netflix through some of Windscribe’s servers.  

No matter how many times we tried (and we tried), we just couldn’t get anywhere near Netflix. We tried connecting with multiple servers and we always ended up receiving the dreaded proxy error. In other words, Netflix was able to recognize our masked attempt at geographic tech shenanigans and prevented us from accessing the platform.  

As we said already, Netflix has become very good at recognizing VPNs and blocking connection requests coming from their users. The situation being what it is, Windscribe will have to do a lot better if they plan on ever becoming competitive on the market of streaming-friendly VPNs. After thoroughly researching the official website, we’re not sure they ever intended on going there, though.  

Bottom Line

Simply put, Windscribe is definitely not the best choice when it comes to Netflix and other streaming services. We repeat, this is what we experienced during our testing circuit, so there’s a small possibility for potentially different outcomes. On the other hand, Windscribe offers a rock-solid security setup and allows torrenting. On top of that, it offers a free plan, which is more than enough even without extensive Netflix capabilities.       

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