Does ZenMate Work With Netflix?

ZenMate has gone a long way from its humble beginnings as a proxy service in the form of a simple browser extension to a full-blown VPN provider. The company is based in Berlin, Germany, under the corporate umbrella of ZenGuard. It’s also one of the most user-friendly applications for individuals who don’t speak English since the app can be viewed in 11 different languages, including Turkish, German, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and others.

ZenMate used to offer a completely free limited version of its VPN but now only provides its users with a 7-day free trial, which is still more than enough time to see if it works for you. Having said that, we tested this VPN thoroughly to find out if it can unlock Netflix US and other regional versions in 2019. So, if you are interested in finding out whether you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows from any corner of the globe, stick around and read this latest update.


Does ZenMate Work With Netflix

ZenMate Netflix Check

We are happy to report that ZenMate wowed us once we started testing it against some of the most famous streaming services on the Internet. All the platforms, including Netflix, responded favorably to our connection attempts and did not detect any VPN traffic or serve us dreaded proxy errors. Our European testing team was able to access Netflix US, UK, and GE by connecting to specific servers optimized for streaming. Except for Netflix, there are also servers dedicated to Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Yle, HBO Now, Globo SportTV, Fox Spot, Eurosport, Channel 4, ORF, Player.PL, Comedy Central, and Globo. Additionally, we were also able to unlock Crunchyroll. In short, you can use ZenMate for much more than just Netflix, which is definitely amazing news for all streaming aficionados out there.

That being said, the Netflix US server kept on disconnecting and reconnecting occasionally. The regular US server, on the other hand, was unable to bypass the anti-VPN measures implemented by Netflix. All other servers performed flawlessly.

ZenMate proved to be a very pleasant surprise when it comes to accessing Netflix since many a VPN has fallen victim to the ongoing crusade the entertainment company started against VPNs some time ago. The streaming servers seems unaffected by Netflix’s efforts to intensify geo-restrictions and prevent VPNs from allowing people to cross virtual borders without being caught and blocked, so we sincerely recommend ZenMate as your go-to Netflix’s enabler, especially if the company manages to stabilize its server optimized for Netflix US.

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