ExpressVPN Overhauls Browser Extension

May 31, 2019
ExpressVPN  has announced its new browser extension packed with a wide variety of additions and improvements. Apart from the more attractive design to match the Windows client, the new extension also brings remote control capabilities (for Chrome and Firefox), an HTML5 geo-location spoofing feature, and numerous privacy options. The point of using this extension is having the ability to control your VPN more directly, change your settings on the fly, and have a more consistent experience in general.
ExpressVPN Browser Extension

The new extension features allow you to:

  • Connect/disconnect from within your browser
  • Change servers on the fly
  • Disguise yourself and spoof your location on HTML5 sites
  • Block WebRTC code in the browser
  • Detect a more secure version of the visited website and connect to it automatically
  • Avoid insecure interruptions by monitoring your VPN connection at all times
  • Minimize the risk by getting connection status notifications
  • Auto-connect to your last used location

HTML5 geo-location spoofing is probably the most welcome addition out of all the new features. It works by feeding your browser with false geo-location data, which means you can remain hidden while enjoying your favorite sites that happen to set tracking as one of their absolute requirements.

We also like the aforementioned “HTTPS Everywhere” feature since it makes sure you are always browsing the safest version of any given website without having to check for it manually. After simply toggling the option on, the extension will start routing your traffic to the HTTPS version of the site instead of HTTP, which many websites use as the default version.