Five minutes that will save your life: Surfshark Chrome extension!

February 23, 2021

We know that this title sounds like clickbait but this is how we feel about the Surfshark Chrome extension. It makes everything you do much more secure, easy and it unlocks a lot of added options that you easily might have missed. This is a perfect combination of the most popular and secure browser and an extremely versatile and fast VPN provider.

The choice of the browser you use every day is a personal matter. Maybe you use one or two or even all of the big ones. However, no matter what your choice is, you must have heard and used Chrome, a browser built by the most powerful company in the world Google. We think that this says enough about this product and we’ll leave it at that.

There’s a reason why Surfshark quickly became one of the best VPN providers on the market. Perhaps it’s their strict no logs policy or their insistence on security across all platforms. You will be safe from identity theft, phishing and malware attacks all the while maintaining the same levels of performance and speed.

Surfshark Chrome extension offers all that in a place you spend the most of your time: your browser. The setup is incredibly easy and once you’ve gone through all the steps you can simply forget about the whole thing. Make this incredibly powerful combination of products work for you and browse without any worries or concerns. The entire process takes just five minutes.

Surfshark Chrome Extension Highlights

If you just scrolled down looking for those clean bullet points emphasizing all the benefits here they are:

  • Protect your sensitive data
  • Secure browsing history
  • Block sites tracking your activity
  • Disable ads (pop-ups too)
  • Hide your IP address

Since Chrome is free you might be thinking of using one of the free VPN services as well to save money. Just ask yourself why is that VPN free? What’s in it for them in this world where everything is for sale? Are you sure you want to trust them with all your data, passwords and even banking information?

Surfshark Chrome extension is extremely safe and secure and with a special deal we prepared just for you, it’s really cheap too! Surfshark was audited by independent experts and absolutely no security issues were found. You can read the full report on this robust undertaking here: Surfshark Browser Extensions Stand out for Their Robust Security, Independent Audit Revealed.

Finally, here’s the deal we were talking about previously. You will get an incredible 81% off a two-year subscription! That’s just $59.76 for 24 months of security, speed, and serenity on the Internet. Just follow the link below, take advantage of this deal and you’ll be all set to use the Surfshark Chrome extension. Download it from the Chrome web store, log in and that’s it!