HideMyAss Servers

November 18, 2016

Whether a VPN service will be able to unblock any content you wish to view is directly determined by its network’s geographical coverage. The best VPN services constantly work on adding new locations in order to satisfy all the needs of all of their users. HideMyAss currently boasts more than 800 servers throughout the world, which guarantees that you can access anything you want, whenever you want, from any location.

HideMyAss Servers

How To Choose The Best Server

Most of the time, the server nearest to your actual location is the best way to go, as it is most likely to provide the highest speed and most stable connection. However, this is not always the case; depending on your activity, other servers may be more suitable. For example, if you want to use torrents or stream content, the best choice is to connect to the servers optimized for these purposes, all of which are easily accessible via the HideMyAss app.

What Makes HideMyAss Servers Different

HideMyAss VPN Servers

HideMyAss servers are generally fast and reliable and they are strategically distributed across the world. The provider even has more than one hundred servers in dozens of African countries, which is not that common among VPN services operating at the moment.

While all HideMyAss servers can be used for a variety of activities, the provider also offers specialized torrenting and streaming servers located in Prague, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, and New York. These servers allow you to enjoy greater speeds and smoother performance.

HideMyAss is also one of the rare VPN services that still work with Netflix. Streaming Netflix content is possible by connecting to Liberty Island LOC 1 and LOC 2 servers.


HideMyAss servers are located in Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Out of the 800+ servers that the service operates, most of them are located in North America – 248 servers and 979 IPs at the moment. In Europe, there are 228 servers, with a total of 956 IP. In Asia Pacific, there are 146 servers and 505 IPs.

We have already mentioned that servers in Africa are surprisingly numerous. There are 106 of them at the moment and the total number of African IPs is going over 320. South America and the Middle East have the smallest number of servers – 41 in South America and 32 in the Middle East.

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