Hotspot Shield Lifetime Subscription

November 3, 2017

Important Update: Hotspot Shield no longer offers lifetime subscriptions, but make sure to bookmark this page and we will provide you with fresh updates as soon as they are available. 

Hotspot Shield is a reliable VPN service that does not only keep you completely anonymous online, but also protects you from various kinds of malicious software and allows you to enjoy an ad-free surfing experience. Its servers are strategically distributed across 20 countries around the globe, so you can unblock virtually any content while enjoying good speeds and solid performance.

The service is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS and can be used on 5 different devices with a single account. Although it uses advanced encryption technology to protect your privacy online, it is incredibly user-friendly, so even absolute beginners can use it problem-free.

What is great is that you can try it out free of charge with the limited free version, which brings you access to one of its virtual locations. If you decide that Hotspot Shield is just what you need and want access to the full suite of its features, you can easily switch to the Elite subscription. Now is a particularly good time to do so because you can purchase the lifetime subscription at the best price possible.

Hotspot Shield Lifetime Subsription

Get Hotspot Shield lifetime subscription for only $119.99

Lifelong Online Protection

The Hotspot Shield Elite subscription costs $12.99 with the monthly subscription and you get nice discounts if you opt for the six-month or yearly subscription. While we would normally recommend the 12-month option, as it allows you to get your subscription at less than half the price in comparison to the monthly option, this time, we have an even better deal for you.

If you click the button below, you can use the latest Hotspot Shield special offer we have unearthed for you and purchase the lifetime subscription for only $119.99. Therefore, with a single, one-time payment, you can protect yourself forever. This is the best offer we have come across so far, which is why we advise you to seriously consider taking advantage of it before it expires.

Hotspot Shield Lifetime Subsription

Get Hotspot Shield lifetime subscription for only $119.99

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