How To Cancel Anonymous VPN

December 21, 2016

There was a lot of confusion lately over canceling the Anonymous VPN service. Can users unsubscribe at all? If they can, then how? Can they do it before the subscription expires? What happens when the subscription expires? These and other relevant questions will all be answered in our mini guide on how to cancel Anonymous VPN.

Once you decide you no longer want the service, the only way to cancel it is through Anonymous VPN’s user support. The company doesn’t offer a ton of options here, as the only way to communicate with the staff is through emails. We’ve already talked about the prevalent need for live chat, but email is the only way of communicating with them for now. The official website states that the support staff replies within 30 minutes or less. Once you’ve made contact, you will be led through the rest of the process.

How Cancel Anonymous VPN

Note that once your subscription ends, it will be automatically renewed and you will be charged for it!

That’s the explanation behind a lot of complaints from people who didn’t understand why they were charged without actively renewing their Anonymous VPN plan. You have to contact the support and explicitly say that you don’t want an automatic renewal. We don’t know why the company opted for this model since it leaves a very bad impression and looks like an outright money grab.

You can cancel your subscription pretty much anytime you want and don’t have to wait for it to expire, though.

There is a clear-cut set of conditions for receiving a refund and it goes as follows:

  • You are eligible for a refund only if this is the first ever order from your account. Meaning, if you already ordered a subscription plan in the past, you will not get a refund. We are unsure whether that also includes the 3-day trial as well;
  • Your number of made connections to the service has to be under one hundred and your bandwidth usage less than 500 MB;
  • If you have in any way violated Anonymous VPN’s Terms of Use, your potential refund is automatically null and void;
  • You can get a refund only if you’ve filed for it within 14 days of the initial purchase.

Once the refund is issued, you’ll receive a confirmation email and around 15 days later, you’ll see the funds in your bank account. This period depends on the bank regulations, your chosen payment method, and so on.

After the 14-days deadline as expired, you can still try and ask for a refund but, at that point, Anonymous VPN will have complete discretion and you’ll have to prove that you were somehow damaged by the service.

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