IPVanish Servers

November 11, 2016

Would you like to see all the traces of your online activity vanish from the face of the Internet? IPVanish can make it happen. But before you commit to this VPN provider, let’s see what they’ve got to offer. Today, we will focus on IPVanish servers, one of the most important aspects of every VPN service provider, in order to answer one simple question: are they good enough for your needs?

IPVanish servers map

How to Choose the Best Server

In order to choose the best server, you have to know what the purpose of a server is. VPN servers are special computers that camouflage your IP address and encrypt your data until it’s unreadable for anyone except your VPN provider.

Before you select a server, you need to define what you want to do online. If you want to watch a video on YouTube that’s not available in your country, you should use a server that’s located somewhere else. For example, if some documentary isn’t available in Indonesia, it’s a good idea to access a server in Australia. Servers usually work faster and better if they’re close to you, so you should always opt for the closest server that can bypass geographical restrictions too. If you just want to browse the Internet anonymously, choose an IPVanish server located in your country or in a country nearby. Even another server in your very city is alright.

What Makes IPVanish Servers Different

IPVanish stands out with the number of servers they offer, which are strategically located worldwide. You can choose from a lot of IPVanish servers, meaning that you can use the Internet freely without experiencing any significant speed loss. IPVanish boasts over 40.000 different IP addresses on over 850 servers placed around the globe. This allows you to disguise your real identity and stay anonymous at all times.

What makes IPVanish different than many other VPN providers is the possibility of anonymous torrenting. The majority of VPN providers don’t really support P2P sharing, but with IPVanish servers, you can access any torrenting website anywhere in the world.


Since the location of VPN servers is extremely important for the quality of VPN service, IPVanish has put some extra effort in this area. They grant their users access to over 850 servers placed in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Most IPVanish servers are nested in North America, a total of 329 servers. You can choose between servers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, among other locations. In case South America works better for you, you can always opt for an IPVanish server located in Argentina or Brazil.

Europe follows North America with 285 servers all over the continent. You can connect to one of the many IPVanish servers in the UK, the Netherlands or Lithuania. You can switch between servers in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, and Greece, as well as in Estonia or Moldova.

Asia has 81 IPVanish servers at the moment, from the Middle East over India and Thailand to Japan and Indonesia.Oceania doesn’t fall too far behind, with 71 IPVanish servers located in Australia and New Zealand. Finally, there are currently 6 servers in Africa, located in Egypt and South Africa.As you can see, IPVanish is rightfully considered one of the safest VPN providers nowadays. If you’d like to know more about this VPN provider before making a final decision, you can read our IPVanish review.


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