Is Anonymous VPN Safe?

Launched in 2015, Anonymous VPN is a relative newcomer when it comes to the market of online security. It’s a service primarily dedicated to streaming and it will appeal to passionate users of PopcornTime, but we have too many concerns when it comes to the overall security offered by this VPN and we’ll use this blog post to point out all the inadequacies we encountered during our testing phase. 

Feel free to join us and learn all about the degree of online security Anonymous VPN offers to its users.   

Is Anonymous VPN Safe

Logging Policy

Anonymous VPN claims a strict no-logging policy, but we could see that it does keep some logs after reading the fine print. Preventing data logging is one of the reasons you need a VPN in the first place, so the best possible course of action for Anonymous VPN would be to stop logging altogether instead of falsely claiming a 100% no-logging policy.    


Is Anonymous VPN Safe

One of our biggest complaints when it comes to Anonymous VPN is a complete lack of information regarding its encryption setup. Encryption is one of the most important parts of your VPN service and Anonymous VPN truly remained anonymous on that one.

Therefore, we wouldn’t trust this provider with anything more than unlocking streaming services. This too should be taken with a grain of salt if you’re worried about your privacy since we can’t know if Anonymous VPN can actually protect your IP address and true location while streaming. 


Anonymous VPN allows P2P and torrenting on all its servers, which is good in theory but not substantiated with good enough speeds. So, you can enjoy your torrenting experience if you somehow manage to find a server with a decent enough clip.   

DNS Leaks

Since we couldn’t find a server that works for us, we were unable to check Anonymous VPN for DNS leaks, WebRTC bugs, and IPv6 leaks. If you manage to connect at a decent speed, you can perform all these tests online and figure out whether the company can save some face in this segment. Anonymous VPN does, however, feature an automatic kill switch.  

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