Is Buffered VPN Safe?

Buffered VPN has secured its place among the best VPN providers as one of the safest VPN solutions currently available. It boasts incredible functionality and offers an exceptionally high level of both security and privacy. In order to help you better understand the measures this VPN provider has taken to make sure its users are fully protected, we will provide a brief overview of Buffered VPN’s security features.

Buffered VPN Safe


Buffered VPN employs the latest technology when encrypting your data. It exclusively uses OpenVPN encryption protocol, which is considered to be the safest protocol. It offers great protection against hackers and even allows you to connect to a public WiFi without having to worry about your safety. On top of that, Buffered VPN provides absolute DNS leak protection, so your Internet privacy is completely preserved, without any chance of your private information getting leaked.

Logging Policy

Is Buffered VPN Safe

You may have encountered the claims of some users saying that Buffered VPN does not adequately protect your privacy, keeping in mind its logging policy. The problem lies in the fact that it has not adopted a strict no-logging policy but instead does keep certain records. However, we are happy to say that the records this service keeps cannot put your privacy in danger in any way.

First of all, Buffered VPN neither monitors nor keeps records of your online activity. No one can ever know what you do online while you are using this VPN service, including Buffered VPN. The only information this service collects is related to the amount of bandwidth you use, the time and duration of your connection, and similar data that cannot be used to identify you, as it does not include any personal information. It is also important to note that these logs are deleted every 30 days.

Just like any other subscription-based service, Buffered VPN also stores information about your account, including your email address and other information you choose to provide. However, this can in no way endanger your privacy, as this information is never shared with third parties. It is also good to know that this VPN provider is based in Gibraltar, so US authorities cannot gain access to your private information, as Buffered VPN does not have to respond to such requests nor is it inclined to do so at any time. Your private information always remains private.

As you can see, Buffered VPN allows you to stay completely anonymous and does everything possible to make sure that your personal information never ends up in the wrong hands. If you are looking for a VPN that keeps you safe at all times, Buffered VPN is the way to go.

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