Is Smart DNS Proxy Safe?

February 10, 2017

Smart DNS Proxy offers its users the unique opportunity to enjoy fast streaming provided by Smart DNS and online privacy and security provided by VPN technology. While it is one of the finest Smart DNS services currently available, it has relatively recently entered the VPN market. In this post, we explain in detail what level of anonymity and security you can expect with this service.

Is Smart DNS Proxy Safe

Smart DNS

If you are using Smart DNS, you can only expect to effortlessly bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy good speeds and glitch-free streaming regardless of video quality and your location. As Smart DNS does not encrypt your traffic, nor does it change your IP address, your online security and privacy are not improved.

DNS Leaks

We are happy to say that we detected no DNS leaks during our tests. As this is not the case with all services of this kind, we applaud Smart DNS Proxy for the efforts invested in leak prevention.


Unlike Smart DNS, this service’s VPN does improve your security and anonymity. Here is a detailed overview of the measures taken to ensure that you are safe while using this service.


Is-Smart DNS Proxy Safe EncryptionThe protocols used by Smart DNS Proxy’s VPN include SSTP and OpenVPN with 2048-bit encryption, IKEv2 and L2TP with 256-bit encryption, and PPTP with 128-bit encryption. If you want to achieve the highest speeds, you can opt for the PPTP protocol, but this is not highly advisable since PPTP is the least secure option. We warmly recommend choosing OpenVPN as the most secure and reliable protocol currently in existence.

Logging Policy

This service does not keep any logs of your activity. That being said, we did not love what we read in the company’s Privacy Policy. Namely, the service collects your personal data and uses it to send you notices. It promises not to share this information with outside entities. However, while it is stated that your information is protected, the service cannot guarantee that the data will be completely secure. Further, in the Terms Of Use, it is stated that you may not use the service in a manner that infringes on copyright, intellectual property or trademark. While there are no direct logs kept, the service reserves the right to investigate what may be a violation of its terms or the law. In case of any violation of the law, the service will turn over any information it possesses to the authorities upon request. Therefore, while there are no logs kept, you should be careful about what you do when using Smart DNS Proxy.

P2P Sharing

Keeping in mind everything said above, it is strange to see that Smart DNS Proxy claims to allow you to use torrents. It seems to us that the service aims to attract new users by seemingly allowing P2P sharing, but bear in mind that you should only use torrents for legal purposes if you do not want to be kept liable for any law violations.

We can conclude that due to strong encryption, your safety is enhanced while using Smart DNS Proxy’s VPN. However, when it comes to privacy, we would not be too eager to use torrents to download the latest episodes of a popular TV show and we definitely advise you to carefully read through the company’s Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.

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