Is Windscribe Safe?

When shopping for VPN protection, your number one concern should be your security. You should look for a reliable service that you can trust. One that can keep you anonymous and safe and away from the prying eyes of trackers at all times. We are here to answer the question: Is Windscribe safe?

Logging Policy

As far as anonymity is concerned, Windscribe does better than the majority of VPN providers on the market. First of all, it does not keep logs of your activity. It does not monitor your behavior or keep records of the places you visit online. It allows you to pay with BitCoin, so you do not have to share any personal information while paying for your subscription. It does not even require you to enter your email address when signing up, allowing you to keep your personal data completely to yourself.

If you decide to delete your Windscribe account, the company will be left only with your username and password. You can also choose to provide your email address since you will not be able to recover your password otherwise. In other words, even if the company gets a warrant, it will not be able to hand over any information that can establish a link between your account and online activity.

Bottom line, no VPN service can guarantee 100% anonymity, but Windscribe sure comes close.

Encrypt Your Data

VPN Encryption

There is nothing to worry about here. Windscribe uses OpenVPN, the safest protocol currently available. It also uses bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption with SHA512 authentication and a 4096-bit key. This means that it employs the most advanced technology when encrypting your traffic, making you as safe as you can be. Apart from OpenVPN and IKEv2, Windscribe features a certain number of stealth options designed to help you combat rigorous censorship in countries like China.


Windscribe is P2P-friendly, keeps you safe while using torrents, and lets you make the most out of them with unlimited bandwidth. In order to help you choose the right servers for this kind of activity, Windscribe has marked certain servers with a crossed-out P2P icon, letting you know which servers you should not use for torrenting.

DNS Leaks

Windscribe Advanced Security

During our testing circuit, we did not experience any DNS leaks whatsoever. The test on was not able to recognize our originating IP address and was only aware of the DNS servers assigned by Windscribe. In other words, you do not have to worry about your ISP or anybody else interfering with your traffic or monitoring your online activities.

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